Getting the Most Out of Your Custom Charms

by Sep 16, 2019Campaigns, Community Engagement, Donation Incentive, Fundraising, Memorial Bracelets, Uses

Branded products that feature your logo are an essential part of every marketing plan. This is because they are versatile and deliver better impressions than other types of media. An ad or billboard is gone in within seconds, but a product that can be worn is kept and used repeatedly. This means, your brand has the ability to stay in the minds of your targeted audience much longer and provide them with a thoughtful item they can use.

While branded products are an investment when you choose the right one, it can really go the extra mile especially custom charms. When you get creative you have the power to create an item that really fits into your organization right down to the message, colors, and audience. Every detail you put in creates a positive, lasting impression of you. When used properly, these products can perform many valuable functions. Not only is it a way to say thank you, but it can foster the loyalty your organization desires most. In fact, well designed products can draw more impressions and referrals than other forms of advertising. Often, when custom products are purchased, there are quantity discounts. So it pays to plan to use them in multiple ways

When you create an impactful and meaningful branded charm you can use it throughout your organization as a definitive branding piece. For example:

Employee Engagement 

The people who work with you day in and day out at your organization should feel valued by the place they work for. Outside of work, they can wear branded products to start conversations with others. It’s a form of advertising that doesn’t feel forced not to mention your employees will feel good receiving a gift. You can give them to new hires and existing employees to let them know they are appreciated, welcome, and a valuable part of your organization. 


One of the most popular uses for branded products (especially jewelry) is for events. They can enhance your event by providing your attendees a gift they can take home. Whether you place them on the table, make them an essential piece of your décor, add them to goodie bags, or create a Mystery Box venue,  there are many ways these products can elevate you event. 

Add them to Your Website

Branded charms are meant to be given away, but did you know most people who receive a quality item, especially at events, often would love to get more? There’s no reason why you can’t offer items you put effort into onto your website. When you add them to your website, you’re able to take them to the next level. Offer them in a shop so people can purchase them for their friends and family, offer them for filling out a survey, or give them away for simply signing up for your mailing list. This helps you in multiple ways including building your email list and having visitors stay on your website longer. 

High-Quality Custom Charms for Your Use Throughout Your Organization


Studies have shown nearly 53% of people who keep branded item actually use them on a weekly basis. This means your choice in products should be not only attractive and visual but should bring a functional value to your recipients lives. Charity Charms line of jewelry and accessories helps set you apart from the rest. They bring your brand to life and can be used in multiple avenues of your organization. With Charity Charms your supporters will have an incentive to say nothing but positive things about you.

Learn more about using Charity Charms custom logo jewelry in multiple avenues of your organization in Lesson 5 of Charm School



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