3 Things Companies Look For In A Charity Partner

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A charity partnership can be a valuable asset to a business. Corporate Social Responsibility matters to consumers and matters more as time goes on. If you’re looking to partner with a company, there are a few things that you should know.


Corporate Social Responsibility has become a large part of business culture and overall strategy. In fact, 78% of Americans believe it’s important for companies to stand up for important issues. It extends far beyond business operations. Businesses of all sizes are embracing this idea and are aligning with causes that matter to them. When a business begins looking for a cause to support and begin a charity partnership with, they tend to look for 3 main things.


1. A Chance to Create a Social Impact With Meaning


Any business can take part in short term philanthropy like donation drives or a day of volunteering. There has been a movement towards activities that have a more long-term impact. As a non-profit, it’s important to display your long-term impact, and to a business, you must have data to demonstrate your efforts. For example, if you help disadvantaged children, show the business how your programs impact the lives of the children versus how many programs you have. You may have an emotional appeal, but if you can’t communicate the impact of your work, you’re missing a key piece of storytelling.


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2. Know Your Priorities and Non-Profits Core Mission


As an organization, you should be able to articulate where you’re going, what you value, and how you plan to get there. If you can’t, how will you be able to get a business along for the journey or display how their values align with yours? It’s vital to be clear on your strategy, priorities, and overall direction. Then, in turn, the company can best understand if a partnership would be lucrative or not. Try to meet with a potential business partner and understand their model, how it works, and what is important to them. This is the best way to find the perfect alignment for you both. After all, according to the Harvard Business Review, 64% of consumers say their shared values as a reason for their brand loyalty.


3. Create a Lasting Relationship with Bigger Impact


Every organization loves cash donations but a business partnership can be so much greater for your organization. There is an opportunity to increase the likelihood of a long-term valuable charity partnership rather than the business turning around to find a new cause next year. Plan to engage corporate sponsors through additional activities and ways to participate with your mission through volunteering, assisting with events, and more. This will increase their overall engagement and often increase financial participation as well. It’s these meaningful relationships that provide the groundwork to implement valuable cause marketing programs.

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Many charities can benefit from partnering with companies. It builds important partnerships, helps the community, and gets the word out about important causes. A partnership can also help fund your custom charm program. A custom charm program can increase awareness through co-branding that can be attached through our Branding Beads or custom carding. Charity partnerships are a positive PR opportunity for the business and allow you to reach an entirely new audience.

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