‘Sailors for Santa’ Bracelets Anchoring a Cheerful Mission

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It was the perfect storm. A passionate non-profit leader meets passionate Charity Charms owner with a common interest: The 2019 TRANSPAC Race.

The TRANSPAC is a 100 year old sailing race from Los Angeles to Hawaii taking place in July 2019. One of the people sailing in the race is Michelle Kimbro, the executive director of Friends of Santa Claus Inc. Friends of Santa Claus Inc is a non-profit that supports children in San Bernadino County. Michelle was looking for a way to tie the passion she has for her charity with the passion she has for sailing.

Ian McDonald, her teammate on MACONDO, the boat she is sailing in the TRANSPAC, introduced her to his wife Kay McDonald from Charity Charms and magic happened. The two put their heads together to create a bracelet that the sailors would be proud to wear in order to support her fundraising and awareness efforts for Friends of Santa Claus.

The Sailors for Santa bracelet campaign was born.

Sailors for Santa Nautical Rope Bracelets


sailors for santa nautical rope bracelets

The custom bracelet we created together is red, white, and blue nautical rope secured with an anchor clasp. A tiny Santa Boot charm is attached near the anchor to brand Sailors for Santa and Friends of Santa Claus Inc.

This fun sailors bracelet is presented on a story card that gives the wearer information about the special nautical rope bracelets and where their donation will be going. Kay put the bracelet into production and Michelle started selling them right away on her website. She was so enthusiastic she began sharing them with everyone she came in contact with. They have been a major hit so far!

MACANDO sailors for santa nautical rope bracelets

About Friends of Santa Claus Inc.

Each year thousands of families begin to worry as the holiday season approaches. Will they be able to provide gifts for their families? Friends of Santa Claus Inc. is a charitable organization that allows parents to feel like they are shopping for their family rather than receiving a charitable donation. They invite parents to come shopping with a personal shopper at the workshop which is a fun, festive touch. Their cheerful mission brings smiles to children throughout San Bernardino at Christmas time, but throughout the rest of the year as well.

In short, Friends of Santa Claus Inc. helps provide shelters and nonprofits with essential needs. They provide children with shoes, clothing, personal care items, and even birthday bags. Friends of Santa Claus Inc. has been beginning the community together and spreading holiday cheer to those in need for over 65 years. Learn more about Friends of Santa Claus Inc.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bracelet to support the cause CLICK HERE

The TRANSPAC Race is off and running right now! You can follow along with the fun now through July 23rd by clicking here!

Charity Charms can help bring your vision to life just like Sailors for Santa. Bring us your idea, event, or campaign and we will help you develop a memorable item your supporters will love. 

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