5 Ways to Engage Your Loyal Donors

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Over the years, one thing that has repeatedly come up with the organizations we work with is donor retention. We are always looking for new ways to help organizations retain and engage their donors through the use of their Charity Charms. Due to COVID-19, donors are more important than ever when it comes to helping you bring your work to the community. Today we are bringing you a guest blog from our friends at Donorbox featuring 5 ways to engage donors!

For any nonprofit organization, donors form the heart of their activities and endeavors. Selfless donations from individuals and groups are what inspire and enable nonprofits to continue changing lives in numerous ways. It is reported that every year, nonprofit organizations see a 10% attrition of their donor base, due to a number of reasons ranging from losing interest to changing loyalties. It becomes critical for any organization to hold onto these donors through engaging acts that remind them of their importance to the nonprofit’s efforts. 

Here are 5 ways in which your nonprofit can actively engage your donors and encourage them to continue making their valued donations.

1. Wearable Word of Mouth Marketing

5 ways to engage donors - message bracelets

Word of Mouth Marketing is an organic method of spreading a brand or product where people recommend it to other interested parties. Wearable Word of Mouth Marketing is an extension of this, where people wear something, such as a bracelet that contains a catchy phrase or slogan of the brand. Giving donors such a bracelet or similar accessories with the brand’s motto, logo or slogan is a creative way of marketing the product while also showing those who identify with your brand that you care about them. Everybody loves recognition for their work, and what better way to show appreciation than a simple gift that they are proud of wearing? Once they begin to wear it, there’s no doubt that it will catch someone’s eye and widen your reach. Something as simple as a bracelet is bound to leave a smile on your donors’ faces. Check out this article for more ideas!

2. Thanking Donors

The power of a simple thank you is often underestimated. Multiple studies have shown that when one feels appreciated, they are more likely to give additional help. One of the main reasons for people stopping their donations to charities is because of how they are treated. The simple act of gratitude can go a long way, and help spread goodwill. A phone call or a thank you letter adds a personal touch to donor appreciations and are heartfelt ways of showing that their donation made a difference. Customized items, ranging from pens and mugs to calendars and stickers are excellent ways to show your donors that you greatly appreciate their contribution. Some wonderful ideas for thanking your donors can be found in this post!

5 ways to engage donors - thank you note


3. Newsletters

One of the best ways that nonprofits keep donors updated is with the help of a weekly newsletter. Nonprofits can engage their donor base by consistently putting out content via newsletters. This shows your donors that your organization is proactive and that you care about the people who have contributed towards the cause. Newsletters are also an excellent way to highlight the social impact of contributions. They can show your loyal donors how their contributions are being spent and that they are in good hands.

Using an attractive design that captures the eye of the viewers, with valuable content and personalized emails almost always guarantee that your newsletters will be read regularly!

4. Follow the Latest Trends


    1. Data and its analysis are being touted as the next big thing in the technology sphere. Data mining is something that is extremely useful for any organization, and especially so for nonprofits to help them analyze their donor behavior. Employing machine learning techniques with the help of useful data is critical for personalization, and will aid your fundraiser campaigns to a great extent. 
    2. Cybersecurity is another critical topic today, with data privacy issues and cyber threats becoming significantly more challenging. Storing sensitive personal information poses numerous difficulties, and nonprofits must ensure that they take all the necessary measures to keep the trust of their loyal donors. 
    3. Partnerships and joint ventures are extremely popular in recent times. After all, why compete when you can collaborate? Collaborations allow nonprofits to learn from each other and thrive, helping create long-term goals that benefit all parties involved.

Stay up to date with some of the latest nonprofit trends of 2020 here!

    5. Choose an Awareness Month

Awareness months and campaigns can go a long way in reminding your donors about the value of their contributions. Stories can wonderfully reiterate the importance of their donation and how lives have been positively impacted. It also celebrates the effort put in by nonprofit organizations and recognizes the work of wonderful people who run them. It is crucial to promote such a campaign on social media, using photos, videos, and infographics to capture attention. Competitions can also help generate a buzz, both online and offline and create a positive impact in the mind of your donors. A well-planned awareness campaign can help spur donor spending and also attract new people!

Armed with these simple tips and methods to engage donors, your nonprofit can not only ensure that donors stick around for much longer, but also allow them to feel valued and appreciated. After all, maintaining and strengthening the relationship with your loyal donors can play a major role in your nonprofit’s survival. Just put these ideas into action if you haven’t already, and watch donor attrition rates drop significantly!

Engage Donors With Charity Charms

Charity Charms takes your logo and turns it into a work of wearable art. Your donors will love having a token that reminds them of you and their valuable contribution every time they wear and use it. Whether you use them as donation incentives, mailing campaigns, virtual event takeaways, or simply to say thank you, your custom Charity Charms help you stand out in the crowd. 



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