5 Ways to Make An Impact with Your Branding

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There are millions of organizations in the world. Some of them may even be like yours. You’ve put a ton of thought into how your programs help their targeted audience and even put time into building all of the essential pieces of your brand. These essential pieces include the logo and colors that identify your cause. There are many recognizable brands out there that naturally bring more awareness to their cause. No matter what size, you can define and refine your branding with special touches like logo charms.
It’s important you make a lasting impression on those you are trying to engage. But do you know how? Here are 5 ways to make an impact on your supporters both old and new!

1. Transform the Icon In Your Logo Into a Beautiful Charm

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Putting your logo onto products isn’t a new idea. It’s been considered a cost-effective marketing tool for years. But one idea that is new, is thinking outside the box. Anyone and everyone have t-shirts, water bottles, thumb drives, and mugs. While wearable and useful items are a no-brainer, the type of item makes a difference. A custom logo charm is both unique and meaningful. It shows you value the recipient and want them to have something special they can wear every day. The feeling isn’t the same when it comes to a t-shirt. Your logo has identifiable icons and is completely different than others. This means your charm is also entirely your own and easily recognizable to those within your community.

2. Use Your Brand Colors And Integrate Them Into Your Products

How can you elevate products featuring your logo? Integrate your colors. Colors are important when it comes to branding and you’ve surely thought a lot about them. Each color has its own feelings associated with it and your combination of colors is synonymous with your cause. A way to make your product much better and more effective is by using these colors within the design. For example, Charity Charms Charm Fobs, GivingBands, and Caring Cords are available in colors that match your branding. When combined with your custom logo charm, you have a recipe for success.

3. Add Extra, Thoughtful Touches

Whether you’re raising funds, thanking donors, or giving your products away at an event, an extra touch can add even more to your final product. Branding Beads are the perfect example. They can be attached to many items and can feature sponsor names, important dates, words, and even symbols associated with your cause. They reinforce your mission and the purpose behind creating the item itself. Additionally, they serve to allow the memory of you long after their interaction with you is complete.

4. Design Custom Carding and Packaging

Everyone loves receiving a gift. When you give a gift, you put a lot of thought into how it is going to be presented. Giving away a branded item should be no different. Just tossing an item at a supporter, isn’t a great look. They may not know why they are receiving the item, what it is for, or who you are! Custom carding acts like a business card. As soon as they begin using your item, that card containing your important information (like a mission statement or social media handles) becomes their way of recalling you later on. Custom packaging, on the other hand, really shows you care. It makes you look great and your recipient feel valued. It’s a win/win.
logo charms and packaging 

5. Create a Unique Platform to Tell Your Story

Custom logo charms themselves are unique not to mention special. They are eye-catching and create conversations. But they give you a way to tell your story to not only your supporters but the entire world. Use your social media channels to advertise your custom logo charms. Create engagement by using them as a giveaway, or have your community share their photos of your beautiful charms. Create a video talking about these exciting new creations. If you have them at an event, feature them and let people know where they can get one. Stories are important for driving traffic to your digital and real-life spaces. People love stories, and, of course they will love to hear yours.

Creating Your Custom Logo Charms

Charity Charms takes your logo and turns it into a wearable piece of art. Our charms are hand-cast in 100% recycled pewter or sterling silver by experienced craftsmen. We work with you from start to finish to create the perfect item right down to your custom message cards and packaging. Each item we create is meaningful, entirely your own, and a gift your supporters will keep for years to come.

Download Charm School

For over 15 years, we have been an industry leader in cause jewelry. With this in mind, we have created a downloadable resource to help you get the most out of your custom charm program. From funding your charms to their many uses, Charm School has you covered!



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