All You Need to Know About Ambassador Fundraising

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These days everyone is trying to breathe new life into their fundraising and virtual event strategy. We went in search of all you need to know about Ambassador Fundraising from the experts. After years of doing the same old thing, your campaign needs new energy and creativity. Utilizing “ambassadors” is an innovative and engaging way to amplify your cause and get better results.

What Is Ambassador Fundraising?

Ambassador Fundraising is a new form of “peer to peer” fundraising where your most loyal supporters or cause champions take your cause to new heights. When they share your message, cause, event, or campaign with their audiences you widen your reach and drive higher proceeds as a result. Ambassador Fundraising leverages peer to peer fundraising but creates new engagement and donor streams through a variety of ways. A good Ambassador Fundraising strategy utilizes top supporters, a growing social audience, excitement, and competition as a way to create engagement and increase donor streams.

How Does It Work?

Ambassador Fundraising is similar to peer to peer fundraising in that it mobilizes others to fundraise on your behalf. It is different in the sense that you are utilizing your most loyal supporters to lead challenges, contests, campaigns, and fundraisers that engage new audiences. It’s proven that we listen to the recommendations of our friends and family especially when it comes to causes we support. Ambassador Fundraising uses this trust and word of mouth to help get more attention to your cause. When you add in an incentive, Ambassador Fundraising can become more of a competition where you can recognize the top ambassador for their significant contribution to your event or campaign.

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How Do You Select Ambassadors?

Choosing the right ambassadors means the difference between a successful campaign and falling short of one. Your ideal ambassadors should have influence, strong networks, and clout within the community. They need to be outgoing, engaged, well connected, and not afraid to get to work promoting your cause. A successful ambassador program should have a few ambassadors working at the same time to spread your message in order to raise funds and awareness of the event or campaign.

But where do you look for Ambassadors? Your bank of existing supporters of course!

  • Board Members: These are the most natural ambassadors to your cause. They have dedicated themselves to the success of your nonprofit and they can turn their contacts into your newest supporters.
  • Volunteers: Volunteers are deeply involved in your organization. Targeting your most active and generous volunteers can mean success for your Ambassador Campaign.
  • Sponsors: Ask your sponsors and community partners for a boost! If they can’t help with the campaign, they might be able to point you in the direction of the perfect ambassadors.

Putting Together Your Fundraiser

The best way to succeed with anything is to have a plan. Know just what you’re asking ambassadors for and how you plan to achieve it. If you’re holding a contest, know how you’ll choose the winners. Be sure to brainstorm ways to motivate, recognize, and thank the ambassadors who gave so much to your campaign or event. Set clear guidelines and provide your ambassadors with anything useful that will help them reach their goals. This can mean everything from merchandise to a social toolkit for marketing and social content for your ambassadors to use.

Don’t forget to share your success and acknowledge your Ambassadors whether individually or as part of your event. They did a lot for your organization and brand. Send a note and token of gratitude as a special thank you. Include information about the impact they have helped create. One fantastic way to thank ambassadors or to encourage engagement is with a meaningful token related to your cause. This thanks your supporters and leaves your cause in their mind daily when they use your branded item. Plus it helps spread your message and widen your reach through word of mouth.

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Create Your Custom Ambassador Fundraising Incentives

Charity Charms are a beautiful addition to your Ambassador Fundraising program. Whether they are used to drive donations as a thank you gift or as a token of gratitude to your ambassadors, a custom item can make a huge impact on your audience. Use them before, during, and after your virtual event as a way to engage and inspire. 

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