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Jarrett Ransom, the Nonprofit Nerd, has been working with nonprofits for 11 years. Her experience has helped many within the industry reach their full potential. We love getting insight and advice from The Nonprofit Nerd. We were thrilled to have her on the latest episode of The Power of Charms podcast to talk about the current state of the nonprofit industry and our Key to Strength campaign. 

Kay and Jarrett discuss how nonprofits can pivot through the pandemic to engage their donors and supporters in new interesting ways. At a time when the postal service can be our best friend, who wouldn’t love to open the mail and see a gift from a cause they are passionate about? It lets the recipient know you appreciate them, are thinking of them, and feel connected to them. The best thing we can all do right now is to be kind and supportive of each other. 

Jarrett prides herself on providing nonprofits with sustainable practices that help them grow. Partnering with businesses through programs like Key to Strength, help nonprofits reach new audiences and donors. Key to Strength encourages businesses to get involved with the community in multiple ways. Whether they partner with a charity to raise funds or donate to the campaign as a team, they are showing the community they care. 

Listen to their full conversation below to see how companies and nonprofits can come together to rise above the pandemic together, and a few new strategies for nonprofits to use. 


About Jarrett Ransom

Jarrett Ransom is a self-professed Nonprofit Nerd. You can find her training, coaching, teaching, and empowering other nonprofits to exceed their full potential. She and her company, The Rayvan Group have worked exclusively with nonprofits since 2009 and have raised over $1 million dollars across the nation. Jarrett has a background in grant writing and has won many awards including 40 under 40, the Global Women’s Summit Leadership Award, and the AmAZing Women of Arizona for her work within the nonprofit space. 

After You Listen: 

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