Recovery Bracelets Helping Patients of Retreat Lancaster County

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Charms have been used for centuries to not only tell stories but to heal and reinforce behaviors. They have been used to inspire good health and a positive spirit. Retreat at Lancaster County has been using GivingBands since 2015 as a positive behavior reinforcement tool for their center and patients. Retreat at Lancaster County recently celebrated 9 amazing years of being a haven for those struggling with mental health issues and addiction. Doing so much good for the community and being a place where healing happens is such an important thing to celebrate. We are always happy to be a part of these stories.

Meaningful Recovery Bracelets

retreat behavioral health recovery bracelets

We worked with Retreat Behavioral Health in Lancaster County to create a token that would remind their patients of their incredible journey to recovery and stability. Patients are given the silicone recovery bracelets to remind them daily that they have overcome their addiction and will continue to do so. We created two styles of GivingBands in teal and black to bring in their brand colors. We knew the design had to appeal to a wide audience so our popular unisex GivingBands were the ideal choice. Each GivingBand has a 100% recycled pewter charm. Their Retreat logo on one side and their motto “Go In Peace” on the other.

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About Retreat At Lancaster County

Retreat’s Peter Schorr

The Retreat Team


Retreat at Lancaster County offers a range of drug and alcohol abuse treatment services to their patients. They help people get to the root of their problems while promoting physical, mental, and spiritual stability, especially through the treatment journey. They utilize a variety of approaches to helping individuals through the treatment process. Retreat at Lancaster County is a leader in the treatment of substance abuse and prides itself on its comprehensive treatment and support options. They recently celebrated 9 years of being a beacon of light and hope for those looking to make a positive change in their lives.

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Charms That Meet Your Needs

Charms are used by a variety of organizations for many different things. They can be used for brand awareness and even behavior modification such as these. Charms enhance your messaging, increase awareness of your program, and serve as a useful tool for your recipient to recall all they have learned and how far they have come. Charity Charms has a variety of products that help your organization stay in the minds of your audience. From GivingBands to custom Charma Power bracelets with healing stones, your perfect creation is just waiting to be made.



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