10 Holiday Gift Ideas That Support Non-Profits

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During the holiday season, consumers love charitable giving. Many organizations begin their own holiday campaigns benefiting their cause. Purchasing a gift that benefits a non-profit gives consumers a warm feeling during the season. We think these are some great ways for consumers to give back. Plus give charities ideas on inspired programs that they might be able to put in place.
Does your nonprofit have a holiday gift program? It should. For inspiration, check out these 10 organizations with creative holiday gift ideas from Stay Classy.
With the holidays just around the corner, people are reaching for their gift lists and jumping head first into shopping mode. Moreover, the holidays tend to bring out our altruistic nature. So many nonprofits have set up holiday gift programs to encourage charitable giving. Below we’ve compiled a list of 10 nonprofits that are offering unique and socially minded gifts this season.

Ten Ways to Support Charitable Giving With Holiday Gifts

1. Make-A-Wish Foundation
Make-A-Wish serves to strengthen and empower children battling life-threatening medical conditions. Specifically by making their wishes a reality. Aside from the variety of merchandise available year-round on their website, you can buy customizable holiday cards. These cards come with personalized messages. The cards, inspired by Wish Kids, and come pre-packaged, assorted, in bulk, or with other options.
2. Oceana
Oceana is the largest international organization dedicated to ocean conservation. This year, you can gift a marine animal enthusiast a plush doll and cookie cutter. All in all, making the adoption of a sea creature possible. You can also send a card, reusable aluminum water bottle, or rope bracelet, with proceeds going directly to the organization.
3. Invisible Children
Invisible Children has a few reasons for being. First, devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of former child soldiers. Second, to bringing international fugitive Joseph Kony to justice. This holiday season, Invisible Children invites you to help reunite 20 former child soldiers with their families. Starting from $25, your donation can provide a play therapy kit for a returning child. Not to mention a pathway to an education, or a journey home for an escaped child soldier.
4. Liberty in North Korea
LINK is pursuing an end to the humanitarian crisis in North Korea. They provide rescue and resettlement support to North Korean refugees. In celebration of the 76 refugee rescues that were possible this year, LINK has broadened their list of gift items. This season specifically offering everything from T-shirts to totes to handmade holiday cards. 100% of the proceeds fund the organization’s mission.
5. The Adventure Project
The Adventure Project raises awareness and funds to support the world’s most effective social enterprises. These enterprises specifically aim to end extreme poverty. This Christmas, you can send a “lump of coal” (or rather, handmade soap) to someone who has made your nice list! By doing so you’ll be providing one family in Haiti with a charcoal-efficient stove. We love this creative and deceptively hygienic gift idea.
6. Kiva
Pursuing its mission to alleviate poverty, Kiva works globally with micro-finance institutions. They do this in order to provide loans to people without access to traditional banking systems. By buying friends and family a Kiva Card, you’re introducing them to Kiva. Thus allowing them to choose the borrowers – and stories – they want to support.
7. Action Against Hunger
Action Against Hunger provides sustainable solutions to hunger in over 40 countries. Obviously, the holiday season is the perfect time to support the cause while honoring a loved one. Purchase a gift in the name of someone you care about and the money will go to buying provisions. For example, emergency therapeutic food, a dairy cow, or 1,000 days of childcare.
8. Heifer International
Working to empower impoverished families, Heifer International provides communities with sustainable agriculture and commerce. Particularly by giving families an animal that can provide both food and reliable income. You can help donate one of these valuable animals to a community in need. Specifically by giving a heifer, sheep, water buffalo, or other livestock in the name of a loved one. Why not shake things up and give a llama this Christmas?
9. Robin Hood Foundation
The Robin Hood Foundation aims to provide funding and create programs for New York’s neediest citizens. This holiday, you can help the 1.8 million New Yorkers living in poverty by simply sending a loved one a special holiday card. You can choose from a variety of designs to wish someone Happy Holidays or Happy New Year. At the same time, you can send a personalized photo card and customize the typography.
10. World Vision
World Vision has a selection of gifts too large to list in full. They support a wide variety of causes with the ultimate goal of lifting children out of poverty. So no matter what gift you choose, you can be proud that you are benefiting a child in need.
Charitable giving reaches new levels during the holiday season. All of these are great examples of how buying a gift can give back to the community.

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