Corporate Community Campaigns: Engage and Encourage Collaboration

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Recently National Bank of Arizona sponsored a collaborative event for ten charities in the Phoenix area called WE ARE THE VALLEY. It was a great example of corporate community campaigns to help others.
Each charity had a custom GivingBand created. Additionally, it featured their logo on a black silicone band. After, a custom branding bead with National Bank of Arizona was also attached. In essence, it defined their corporate social responsibility and support for local charities. Dave Dodge, from Ideation Nation, coordinated the campaign. Correspondingly, he also tied it in with a fundraising event at the bank.

The Effects of Corporate Community Campaigns

Proceeds from the sales of the bracelets benefitted each charity. In addition, each cause received increased awareness. The collaboration between the bank and the charities was a celebration for the community. There were three main takeaways from this event.
First, National Bank of Arizona showed great generosity by giving back to Phoenix charities. Second, the charities gained exposure to new supporters and received much-needed funds. Third, the event attendees enjoyed purchasing multiple bracelets. In effect creating their own custom stack of support.
Every corporation, no matter what their size, can engage with an organization to sponsor a community event. To put it differently, corporate community campaigns are incredibly beneficial. In other words, teaming up together has the power to increase donations and awareness. All in all, working to benefit the community. When you marry your brand, with that of a charity or group of charities everyone wins.
In fact, 85% of consumers prefer to do business with a business that supports a cause. In essence, it’s cause marketing, and it makes sense for all.

If you’re ready to launch your corporate community campaigns we can help!

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