Dorie Morales & 3 Ways to GREEN your 2021

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Green and sustainable aren’t just buzzwords. Going green, embracing sustainable businesses and eco-friendly products are a way of life. We only have one planet and need to care for it as much as we care for each other. This is why Dorie Morales co-founded Green Living magazine. The magazine is intended to empower readers with new ideas and inspirations to lead a more sustainable life. For this reason, and more, Charity Charms has built a lasting relationship with Green Living magazine even utilizing them as one of our media partners for Key to Strength.

Sustainability is one of Charity Charms’ values and we pride ourselves on using recycled materials so when charities use our products to increase awareness, they are doing so without any added stress on the environment. We have been lucky to be featured in Green Living magazine over the years, and couldn’t wait to interview Dorie for our Power of Charms Podcast and Interview Series. Kay recently chatted with Dorie about ways to make eco-conscious choices personally and through your business. Something we can all stand to do more of in 2021. 

Watch their interview below or click here to listen.

About Dorie Morales

Dorie Morales is the Publisher and CEO of Green Living magazine, Arizona’s premier eco-conscious lifestyle publication. Green Living magazine aims to inspire readers to make better choices in order to leave the planet a better place for future generations. Dorie has been a staple in magazine publishing since 1997. She is deeply rooted in Phoenix’s “green scene” through her involvement with organizations that focus on sustainability including the Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Forward, and Local First Arizona. Throughout her pursuits, Dorie strives to make our community and planet a better place.

About Green Living Magazine

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Green Living magazine is centered around helping its readers express themselves in all areas of life while being green. They offer product recommendations, fashion, wellness, and other themes that inform while making a difference in the environment. Green Living magazine educates, empowers, and inspires readers to make eco-conscious choices for bettering their lives without sacrificing the planet.

After You Listen

Promote Your Cause Sustainably in 2021

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