The Formula for the Perfect Gala Gift

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society of chairs gala gift bracelet

We know many organizations are currently planning their galas and events for the rest of this calendar year. Have you considered how you want to thank attendees or sponsors? We have put together the Formula for the Perfect Gala Gifts to share with you. Gala gifts are special little tokens that serve whatever purpose you give to them. Whether they brand your event, are special takeaways, or auction items, attendees will love the extra thought you put into these unique items. The formula uses a recent example for the Society of Chairs gala. The Society of Chairs gala was held on May 8, 2019, at the Arizona Science Center.


1. Define the Event & Your Audience


Andrea Evans of Frontdoors Media came to us with a project: Create a custom bracelet for the 100 chairpeople being honored at their gala. The Society of Chairs Gala is Frontdoors Media’s signature event. Frontdoors Magazine is an Arizona publication that features articles about nonprofits and members of the community. Therefore, it’s no surprise they would organize an event to honor 100 of the incredible people who chair the Valley’s most important events. Honoring these chairs, organizations, and initiatives is important. With the audience defined, we set to work making a signature bracelet.


2. Conceptualizing Your Product


gala gift society of chairs branding


We sat down together to come up with a unique bracelet. It needed to be something elegant that the chairpeople would adore and want to wear. Andrea chose to combine smokey gray beads with one signature red bead to match her branding. Then a single ring with three tiny charms completed the look. The three charms were symbolic. First was a key charm created from the key logo of the event. Then a matching lock which signified unlocking charitable spirit. Finally was a small branding bead featuring the Frontdoors name. Each bracelet came packaged in one of our signature hat boxes with a chic sticker inside letting the recipient know they were appreciated. When it comes to your event, a customized unique product will help the memory live on once the event is gone. Additionally, we created custom key fobs featuring three charms a chair charm, a Charity Charms heart charm, and a Frontdoors branding bead. These custom key fobs were given to the sponsors of the gala. This way, the 100 honorees of the gala and the sponsors felt equally appreciated by all involved.


gala gift society of chairs


3. Deliver the Result


The event was on May 8th and held at the Arizona Science Center. Over 400 people attended and enjoyed an elegantly set venue embellished to match the overall branding of the gala. The decor tied in silver and red which set the stage for the beautiful bracelet gift. The 100 were delighted with their bracelets and most of them immediately put them on. Tying in a memorable gift to honor your special attendees is a lovely finishing touch for any gala. Now when the bracelets are worn the memory of this event carries on.

“THANK YOU KAY!!! We just love our partnership with you and hear that the bracelets were such a hit that some folks who didn’t have a gift at their place wanted to know how to get one! So, we are onto something for sure!” – Andrea Tyler Evans

View photos from the Society of Chairs Gala


Now It’s Your Turn!


Now that you know the formula for the perfect gala gift, it’s time to start yours. Charity Charms is a private label brand that will help your organization create a positive impression on your event attendees. We work with you from start to finish on your signature gala gifts right down to the colors and packaging. You can utilize one of our existing products or bring us your idea and we will help bring it to life! Harness the power of charms and communicate what you do in a way that inspires others!


Ready to start your gala or event gift?

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