Introducing our Charmed Giving Program

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Did you know that 80% of consumers prefer to do business with companies that support important causes?

Armed with this knowledge, has your company been looking for a simple and impactful Cause Marketing program that aligns with your favorite charity? Our CHARMED GIVING program could be the solution to define your philanthropy and help charities spread awareness. With the CHARMED GIVING program, YOU choose the charity that your team is passionate about. YOUR donation funds a custom charm program that aligns and co-brands your company with their cause.

Read Success Stories from the National Bank of Arizona’s Charm Giving Partnerships with Feeding Matters and Ballet Arizona

We then create a custom charm program that features the charity’s logo charm, your company branding bead, and a custom message card acknowledging your generous donation: “XYZ supports (your charity name) and all that they do to help (your organization’s mission)

We offer three product options to fit your community and the campaign or event.


Silicone, unisex bracelets made for giving. Perfect for all ages. 

Bangle Dangles

Adjustable, silver charm bracelets that are fashionable and meaningful

Bag Charms

Clip on charms that can be used on backpacks, zippers, dog collars and more

$2,500 all Inclusive Custom branded package

Imagine the impact of hundreds of people wearing items every day that spread the word about your philanthropy, while supporting an important cause. Much more impactful than just buying a table at an event! It helps people fall in love with a cause you are passionate about. 

Your company benefits from:

  • A Unique, Philanthropic  Story for Social Media
  • Aligning with a cause that reinforces your brand and commitment to the community
  • Providing a tangible opportunity that charities can often not afford to fund

Your charity can then:

  • Give them away for events and marketing
  • Engage supporters, thank donors, and recognize volunteers
  • Use them for marketing outreach


Learn More: How to Acquire a Corporate Sponsor, How to Use Cause Jewelry for Storytelling

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