givingbands customized silicone bracelets

Fun and Engaging

GivingBands are unisex customized silicone bracelets designed for giving. Your supporters will love these fun and engaging bracelets. GivingBands help you spread awareness, raise funds, and thank supporters. They take your campaign to new heights. GivingBands are one of our most popular and successful items. 

Only the Best

Your supporters LOVE to spread the word about your cause by wearing YOUR GivingBands and telling YOUR story. GivingBands makes them feel like a recognized and special member of your community.


GivingBands are Earth-friendly silicone bracelets. Each GivingBand is unisex and one size fits all. 12 standard available colors with custom Pantone options available for orders over 5,000. 

CHARMS created from your logo or choose one of 75+ popular symbol charms.

embrace the power of charms


Use GivingBands To: 

  • Engage your community
  • Thank your supporters, members, and volunteers
  • Commemorate good work and achievement
  • Support your mission
  • Honor the gift of time and support
  • Spread awareness for your cause
  • Recognize important contributions
  • Send a message to find a cure, stop abuse, save an animal


Casa uses GivingBands to brand their Brighter Hearts. Kinder Minds. Soiree.

Lung Force

The Lung Force Walk: We Walked In Memory of Jill

Iowa Humane Alliance

Iowa Humane Alliance GivingBands: Multi-Charms for Multiple Impact

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

Spreading Awareness Using Branding: Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

Adoptive Families

Custom Bracelets Inspire Hope for Adoptive Families

“Our Charity Charms box arrived! We LOVE THEM! They are so beautiful, professional, and substantial! We are thrilled and can’t thank you enough for all of your talents and hard work getting these designed and made last minute!”

Stephanie Orr


“We ordered the elastic Giving Bands for our partners at professional organizations, school campuses and even national presentations and it is always a hit! We recommend Charity Charms and will continue to do business with them as they are fashionably conscious, U.S. Territory – friendly, and most importantly, they help us to spread our message on ‘ending domestic violence and sexual assault’ one charm at a time!”

Khnuma Simmonds-Esannason

Executive Directior, DVSAC

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