Custom Bracelets Inspire Hope for Adoptive Families

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Spreading Hope With Custom Bracelets

Jackie Palmer, executive director of Adoptive Families Coalition (AFC), reached out to Charity Charms to create custom GivingBands. These GivingBands made thoughtful custom bracelets with an important message. Each GivingBand contains a custom charm of their beautiful tree with branches logo. Additionally, the bracelet also contains a branding bead that says hope in addition to a custom message card. The hope bead truly serves as a reminder to the families they serve and their village of supporters there is hope for healing. Plus, consequently, the custom bracelets serve to increase cause awareness.

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adoptive families coalition custom bracelets charms

Families that use their services each receive the bracelet. In this case, they serve as a reminder help is available. Overall, Adoptive believes families helping families is incredibly important. It generates a feeling of community which reminds people they aren’t alone. Plus the custom bracelets spread their message of hope while increasing cause awareness.

The GivingBands we created together have a significant purpose. They remind the parents there is a loving community on their side, and they remind the donor of the hope they are giving to children living with trauma.

Adoptive Family Coalition: Helping Hurting Children Heal


It is important to realize, 7 million Americans across the country have been adopted. Approximately 140,000 children in the United States join adoptive families each year. Most frequently we hear the positive benefits of adoption. In other words, the joy and excitement of a family welcoming a child into their hearts and homes. After all, Adoption is a truly amazing experience and every child deserves to be a part of a loving home where they feel safe and accepted. However, in reality, there is a side to adoption rarely talked about. Despite being in a safe and loving home, some adopted children can suffer from the lingering effects of early neglect and abuse. This results in severe emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Unfortunately, even with years of stability, therapeutic parenting, and traditional therapy these challenges may require a more specialized form of treatment. At the same time, the required treatment is often unaffordable for the average family and is not covered or only partially covered by insurance. 

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How Does AFC Help?


In short, the coalition provides post-adoption financial support for attachment and trauma treatment. They do this specifically through a sponsorship program and matching grants. In addition to the sponsorship program, the parents at AFC use their first-hand experience to offer emotional support as well as assist with navigating the complex journey toward healing.


How You Can Help Adoptive Families Coalition Spread Hope


Helping children heal from childhood trauma is crucial and giving these families hope is monumental. With this in mind, there are two main opportunities for you to partner with AFC to make healing a reality. First, sponsoring a family, and second, donating to the Children’s Champion Fund. The Champion’s Fund covers the cost of operations so that 100% of public donations go directly to the therapeutic treatment of the kids. Finally, to learn more without delay please visit their

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