Linda Rendelman & A Global Force for Good Supporting Women Worldwide

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Every day we are surrounded by stories of famous women living fabulous lives. It was prevalent in the days of magazines and newspapers and even more prevalent now with the internet. But what about women like us? The not-so-famous women with inspiring stories and histories all our own? That’s exactly why Linda Rendleman got inspired to create Women Like Us, and she is Kay’s guest this week on the Power of Charms. Kay and Linda met at a Take the Lead event last year and established a friendship. Kay recently appeared on Linda’s podcast What’s Next for Women Like Us. Linda began Women Like Us as a magazine then turned into a website, and now has grown her project into a podcast/radio show and foundation helping women across the globe. 

Linda began Women Like Us in order to tell the extraordinary stories of women in her community and inspire others to live their truth. The podcast and foundation serve to help women find and use their voices. They encourage women to share strategies and advice other women have used to make strides in their lives to help others do the same. The Women Like Us Foundation runs an education-based Women Like Us Center in Kenya that teaches women life skills to earn money on their own. It also provides services like therapy to help the women process different life events. Each year, Linda and others take a trip to Kenya in support of helping women who are making changes in the world through their own special way. 

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The Defining Symbol: The World


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One of our favorite questions we ask guests on the Power of Charms is about their defining symbol. Charms have existed for centuries as a way to keep the important things in our lives close to us and we know everyone has those special, defining symbols. It comes as no surprise Linda Rendleman’s symbol is the World. Linda wants to make an impact worldwide by supporting and lifting women up She believes each generation is not the same women their mothers were, and everyone woman has so much she can provide to other women whether it’s support, assistance, or just an inspiring story. The world isn’t as large as we sometimes feel it is, and as women, we impact the world in special ways even if we don’t realize it. 

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About Linda Rendleman

Linda Rendleman is passionate about helping women and is the visionary behind the Women Like Us Foundation, a global nonprofit organization with a mission for empowering women and girls to change the world. Her flagship project, the Women Like Us Center in Nakuru, Kenya, has changed the lives of women who are victims of abuse and poverty by implementing programs that provide skills and education for economic stability. Linda is a cancer survivor and now hosts a dynamic radio show/podcast and is a coach bringing women together to create and share their most authentic lives. 

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