Laura Juarez: Finding Your Higher Purpose in Business and Life

by Feb 26, 2021Podcast

Throughout our lives, we experience moments that make us change our perspective and our lives in important ways. 2020 was like that for many of us. We found ourselves reevaluating our jobs, companies, activities, and everything in between. Our guest on the Power of Charms this week is Laura Juarez the founder of Pure Potential. Oftentimes in life, we find ourselves trying to be everything to everyone and as Laura puts it, “we can’t put ourselves last.” After experiencing a few moments just like this, she found her way into helping businesses lead with purpose rather than strictly forcing on their bottom line.

Laura started out as a corporate consultant and eventually became the CEO of a B2B manufacturing company. After experiencing a collapse event that hit her like a board on the head, she was determined to find out who she wanted to be in the world and began Pure Potential. Pure Potential helps companies build a strategy around their higher purpose. She works with inspiring companies that are looking to make a positive impact on the community and the world. Businesses can and should be, advocates for humanity and have a larger role in it than simply selling products or providing services. Join Kay and Laura as they talk about Pure Potential, how companies can find their greater purpose, what inspires her, and more!

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The Defining Symbol: The Hummingbird


Laura loves animals so it’s no surprise that her defining symbol is a unique, beautiful creature: The Hummingbird. Hummingbirds are widely considered one of the most incredible creatures on earth. To Laura, the hummingbird symbolizes a harmonization between fierceness, agility, the warrior aspect of self, and beauty. Their seemingly carefree and happy flights through the air are magical and they are symbolic in many ways and cultures throughout the world. In fact, they have been amazing people since ancient times. 

Looking for a hummingbird charm of your own? We love these by Alex and Ani, James Avery, Reeds, and Rodgers and Hollands

About Laura Juarez and Pure Potential 

Laura began her career as a consultant and eventually led or ran many organizations across multiple industries. Throughout this process, she gained experience with both the for-profit and non-profit worlds. Like many, through trial and error, she was able to discover the perfect equation for doing what she loves without sacrificing her well-being. She began Pure Potential as a way to help businesses be more than products or services as each member embodies a higher purpose that when combined together creates a special entity that can improve the world. When she’s not helping businesses, you can find her on her podcast, blog, hiking trails, or taking to her yoga mat. 

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