Use Charity Charms to Build Your Membership: Case Study

by | Apr 5, 2015 | Animals, Campaigns, Charity Spotlight, Fundraising, Our Clients, Success Stories, Uses

Best Friends Animal Society is notably one of the best-run charities in the nation. They have engaged supporters. Plus they know how to keep them engaged with effective campaigns. For example, their campaign aimed at membership building. This campaign spreads the word about Best Friends Animal Society. It is a membership building campaign featuring Charity Charms as rewards. In exchange for referring friends to be members of Best Friends, they receive a special gift. Above all, we believe it’s a great way to use the custom products we have created for them.

Charity Charms As A Membership Building Tool

Best Friends Animal Society used two Charity Charms items as their rewards gifts. First was the black message bracelet and second was a charm logo keychain. Pictured below are both items in detail along with various other items from other sources.
Best Friend’s Animal Society does important work to help shelter animals. They have a mission of making every shelter a no-kill shelter. Ultimately, they can’t do it alone and need the help of their loyal supporters. A referral program aids in this membership building. Plus gives them the tools they need to make this mission a reality. With this in mind, each item we created had immense value to Best Friends. They are a thank you for supporting this important mission.

best friends membership building case study

As shown above, in this Case Study, Charity Charms has the ability to take your cause to new levels. Charity Charms’ custom line of bracelets and accessories can help your organization. Whether it’s membership building or simply creating a level of giving program, we can help

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