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Charity Charms encourages the concept of engaging funders to underwrite charms for charities. Whether you are an individual, a foundation, or a corporation you can be a charity angel. A Charity Angel is someone who donates funds to a charity to develop a charm program.

PAW charm with custom Back

PACC911 PAW Charm with Custom Back

Our most recent CHARITY ANGEL was a charming individual.
Ginny Jontes is the Vice President for PACC911. PACC911 is an animal rescue in Phoenix, AZ. She wanted to give a memorable gift to special donors and board members for the holidays. In addition, she wanted a lower priced item to use for fundraising. It also will increase awareness throughout the organization. It serves as a reminder of the great work they do for animals. Ginny underwrote the cost so there would be no expense for the charity.

We worked with Ginny to come up with two great items featuring our signature PAW charm. Our signature paw charm is available to any organization. In this case, we customized the back with PACC911.

 “When I then saw the charm on a bracelet, I loved that as well!  I got the idea to purchase these and then sell it in our thrift store, Rescued Treasures, for anyone to purchase and donate to us!  Having PACC911 on the back was a way to remember us discuss with others.”….Ginny Jontes


Great Results

The recipients of the sterling paw necklaces felt delighted, and the signature “Bangle Dangles” are being sold at the gift shop. They will also be used from time to time at events.

Thank you, Ginny for your kindness and generosity!

Contact us if you have a charity you would like to underwrite a charm for.

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