Every Cause Has a Color

by | Apr 29, 2015 | Campaigns, Cause Marketing, GivingBands, Product Spotlight, Uses

Does your cause have a color? When you are building a brand or campaign for a cause, color can help you identify it and define it. Many causes have specific colors tied to them. Cause colors are important. There is no doubt you have frequently seen these colors and their associated causes.

Some of the most commonly known Cause Colors

  • PINK for Breast Cancer
  • RED for Heart Disease
  • PURPLE for Autism
  • YELLOW to Support the Troops
Here is a chart of some of the most common colors and affiliations for causes. Awareness Color Chart
A cohesive use of color throughout an event or campaign will make it memorable and impactful. Not to mention reinforce your brand. It is important to realize this means everything from invitations to signage not to mention table display and mystery boxes. In particular paying attention to your fundraising and awareness bracelets, staging, flowers, and webpage.
View our Pinterest Board about Color for references and ideas.

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