Top 10 Nonprofit Resources to Help Your Organization

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At Charity Charms we love helping nonprofits. In addition to being an important resource, we thought we could share some other incredible nonprofit resources. Ultimately, these resources help your nonprofit with everything from fundraising to storytelling. Above all, we hope you’ll find a nonprofit resource that can take your goals to the next level.

Top 10 Nonprofit Resources


top 10 nonprofit resources classy logo

Classy is a user-friendly fundraising platform. In other words, able to easily manage many of your causes important functions. For example, crowdfunding, event registration, and donations. Moreover, 4,000+ social enterprises trust Classy to improve the giving experience for supporters


American NonProfit Academy

top 10 nonprofit resources american nonprofit academy

It is important to realize communities help nonprofits thrive. The American Nonprofit Academy provides educational opportunities to nonprofits. As a result, these efforts help those looking for lasting approaches to their efforts. After all, without a supportive community, a nonprofit can become obsolete.



top 10 nonprofit resources mobilecause logo

Organizations of all sizes turn to MobileCause to create more engaging donor experiences. With this in mind, MobileCause facilitates meaningful connections with donors through services like text to give and live fundraising. Ultimately, they provide the tools and services to change up and improve the way your organization fundraises.


Network for Good

top 10 nonprofit resources network for good logo

Network for Good helps your organization become a star in online fundraising. In the long run, you’ll reach more individual donors plus securely receive donations from donors who care about your cause. As a result, your cause can get more exposure and help to the people you serve.


LinkedIn for NonProfits

top 10 nonprofit resources linkedin for nonprofits

Leverage your organization’s LinkedIn presence with this tool specifically for nonprofits. A point often overlooked is how important connections are to your organization. LinkedIn for Nonprofits can help you find employees and volunteers easily. Particularly, elevate your fundraising efforts by making the necessary connections to help your nonprofit thrive.



top 10 nonprofit resources causes logo

Causes helps nonprofits get noticed by supporters. In this case, organize campaigns. fundraisers, and work together with your passionate audience to make a difference faster. Ultimately widen your reach and find new supporters through a different type of social platform.


Selfish Giving

top 10 nonprofit resources selfish giving logo

In short, Selfish Giving provides tools and strategies to nonprofits looking to increase their cause marketing efforts. In fact, there are many ways to receive their key insights including a blog and newsletter. This tool is especially useful for getting new, useful ideas for cause marketing campaigns.


The RayVan Group

top 10 nonprofit resources rayvan group

The RayVan Group has been helping nonprofits for over 50 years. Uniquely, they integrate and work as part of your organization to help find solutions to your nonprofit’s problems. Check out a recent guest blog they did about finding grant funding here.



top 10 nonprofit resources fundly

Fundly uses social media to tell your story plus connect you with your donors and their friends. They have an all-in-one app increasing your response time to donors and certainly widen your reach.



top 10 nonprofit resources formomentum logo

ForMomentum helps your nonprofit build alliances with companies or brands that share your passion. In detail, they help your organization reach your goals and prosper through these partnerships. Make finding a cause marketing partner for your campaign easy.


Charity Charms Can Help Your Organization

We hope these nonprofit resources were helpful. Finally, check out the video below to find out how Charity Charms can help your organization through the power of charms!

Bring awareness to your organization, school or business through the Power of Charity Charms.

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