Charming Membership Bracelets

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Membership based organizations exist for many reasons. People often join these groups to make a difference, meet people, and feel like a part of a community. Members are the lifeblood of many associations, clubs, and other similar types of organizations. Why is someone joining? How are you going to keep them coming back?

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WATT (Women at the Top) is a private membership group in Phoenix, AZ. Only 50 members are in the group and each women either owns her own business or is a top executive at a corporation. In 2019 the group decided to update their logo and thought a special charm bracelet with their logo would be a wonderful way to define and celebrate membership. One of the members in the group who owns a design firm ran a contest for members to choose the best design for the new logo. Once it was chosen, Charity Charms created the sterling charm and two sterling bracelet options. Each member was delighted to receive her selected bracelet in a beautiful Charity Charms hatbox. Members wear their bracelets daily and often combine them with other bracelets they own in a layered effect.


A Warm Welcome with Custom Membership Gifts


Like WATT, providing your new or existing members with a welcome gift can make them feel important right off the bat. Consider this: A member is going to decide their long-term relationship with your association within the first few minutes or days of joining. This means, sometimes a purposeful welcome gift means the difference between someone deciding to return to your organization or moving on. 

As a membership-based organization, growing your numbers also means retaining your old members. You may hold membership drives or have existing members bring special “guests” to events in order to recruit. When people join or begin thinking about joining your association, they start forming their opinion of you immediately. Welcoming these potential members is incredibly important. It provides the foundation for relationship building and makes them feel welcome. We’ve talked about the importance of saying thank you, but it is just as important to say “Welcome!”  

Once someone joins your organization, what is going to help them stay continuously engaged? With the world moving so quickly and many of us focusing on our busy lives, it’s key to put focus into keeping a little bit of that attention on you. Whether you’re making a difference in the community or networking, you want the continued interaction. Not to mention the reminder of how valuable your members are to you. It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way. 

One of the best ways to remind people of your organization is by bringing your logo to life. Whether you utilize a keychain or a bracelet, your logo is constantly being worn or used by your members. Not only do they feel like a part of your community but are also able to relay how great your organization is to others through word of mouth. Let’s face it, a bracelet is eye catching especially when it’s custom and unique to your organization. People will be excited to start conversations and let people know all about your group. Ultimately, custom membership bracelets are a wise investment that have many other uses throughout your organization.

Charity Charms can help you create a signature item that you can use to welcome new members or simply thank existing members of your organization. 



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