The Power of Thank You

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Did you know the #1 reason people stop giving their time to charities is how they are treated? If your supporters don’t feel appreciated, they will likely move on to someone else who shows them gratitude. Your supporters have large hearts and want to give. There is power in showing them gratitude and spreading positivity.


One of the very first things we learn as children is how to say please and thank you. The simple act of saying ‘thank you’ can do a world of good all on its own. Showing gratitude has been known to motivate and spread good will. As an organization, you rely on supporters. Whether you are nonprofit or charitable organization, you have volunteers and donors. How are you showing them you appreciate them?

According to the Harvard Business Review, there is a 50% increase in additional help as the result of feeling appreciated. This means, taking the time to recognize those important to your organization can help you retain supporters and recruit new ones. It goes beyond just saying ‘thank you.’ Interacting with supporters in a variety of ways, including with small tokens of gratitude, can uplift and inspire. Knowing they are making a larger impact than they think can engage people to take part in their community more often.

So why is thanking people essential to your organization? Often times volunteers and donors feel overlooked. When people don’t feel appreciated or valued, they will not want to continue the relationship. Volunteers and donors have a big heart and they want to give back. They will simply take that love elsewhere. It’s a known fact, you can never thank someone too much. When you make supporters feel good, they will keep coming back for more. Let’s be honest, there are millions of charities for people to choose from when it comes to time, money, and support. Make sure yours is one of them by making sure ‘thank you’ is a major part of your strategy.

So how can you show your base gratitude for their support?


Give a Token of Gratitude


Everyone loves gifts. Even the smallest gifts can make your volunteers and donors feel appreciated. This token of gratitude, even a simple one, shows a person their work didn’t go unnoticed. It reminds them that their time and attention mattered to not only you but the organization as a whole. A token of appreciation helps you acknowledge donors and volunteers in a personal way. It shows they matter more than a tax receipt.

Other organizations in your community may be willing to help you with showing appreciation. In turn, you’ll be forming more bonds within your community and showing local businesses some love. A great option is a custom gift that stands as a reminder of your organization specifically. Turning your logo into a wearable token allows your supporters to feel appreciated and, at the same time, tell others about your cause. Whether you thank them after a day of hard work volunteering, a special occasion like their birthday, or the anniversary of them working with your organization, there are many ways to show your appreciation.

According to, it’s important to take every chance to interact with your supporters. This means not only thanking them for their time but sending them updates on how their contribution Is continuing to make a difference. Something as simple as a thank you goes a long way. People will not only feel valued for giving their time and effort to you, but they won’t forget how you treated them in return. As a result, you’ll be increasing retention and others will want to be a part of your mission.

Our latest lesson in Charm School is in session now. In this lesson you will learn the many benefits of including a ‘thank you’ in your strategy.

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