Lesson 4: The Power of ‘Thank You’

Why is thanking people essential to your organization?

Kindness is contagious. When you show someone kindness they, in turn, take that kindness and spread it to others. The same is true when it comes to your base of supporters. 

Your supporters have charitable hearts and they give of themselves in both personal and financial ways. Unfortunately, we often hear that volunteers and donors feel overlooked and unappreciated for their contributions because no one ever thanked them for their efforts. When this happens they may seek out a new cause or campaign to support, one that sees their value and takes the time to say THANK YOU.

Don’t let this happen you your organization.

A simple THANK YOU will help you retain supporters.

See the variety of ways you can utilize Charity Charms to show your gratitude

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What Can Charms Do For Us? Case Study:

World Animal Protection Vows to Protect Them All

message charm bracelets stack pewter message bracelets stack

World Animal Protection B’Strong Bracelets

What was their need?

World Animal Protection’s campaign, “Elephants. Not Entertainers.” serves to get elephants back to the wild where they belong. These message charm bracelets increase awareness of this program and allow the wearer to show their support. They also wanted something special to thank donors on GivingTuesday.

How We Solved This Need

The World Animal Protection bracelets are black braided vinyl. The recycled pewter message bar features their slogan, “Protect Them All.” Moreover, each message charm bracelet showcases a mini elephant charm. This charm serves as a reminder of the animal it serves to protect.

Read More About The Power of ‘Thank You’

Let’s be honest, there are millions of charities, nonprofits, and organizations out there for your supporters to choose from. They are valuable to your organization and an essential piece of your work. While you may be thankful for their support, their time, or their donation, you may not consider showing them that gratitude. 

Saying thank you has powerful effects on people. It has been shown to increase positivity, make people feel wanted, and encourage positive behaviors. In this blog post, you’ll find more information about the Power of Thank You and how your branded charms can become a token of appreciation. 

Give a Token of Gratitude

We believe harnessing the POWER of CHARMS is the perfect way to say THANK YOU. When you give your supporters a wearable charm created from your logo  it sets you apart from the rest. This meaningful item, when worn is a constant reminder of their connection with your cause, and they are proud to be helping you make a difference with their service

GivingTuesday is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving

GivingTuesday is a global movement harnassing the generosity of people around the globe. It encourages them to support the causes they believe in within the communities they live in. Thousands of organizations participate and millions of people showcase their generosity each year. GivingTuesday kicks off the Season of Giving. GivingTuesday is the “world’s largest giving movement.” It helps us stay connected in a fast-paced world where every day new global crisis’ emerge.


Your organization can leverage this international event to gain more support and, in turn, show gratitude for that support. Communities everywhere have the power to create change especially when we work together. Here are many helpful resources to aid you in your planning for this year’s GivingTuesday.


givingbands for #givingtuesday

Helpful Resources

3 Simple and Effective Ways to Say Thank You

1. Gift them a meaningful item they can wear

2. Give them a quick, personal phone call

3. Send them a handwritten note

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