World Animal Protection Vows to Protect Them All

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How could anyone abuse an animal? It is not an easy question to answer, but unfortunately, it continues to happen. Animals across the world are living in inhumane conditions. Additionally, many animals serve as entertainment in many countries. World Animal Protection works tirelessly to end the needless suffering of animals across the world. They inspire people to create a better life for animals throughout their programs. At Charity Charms, you know we love animals of all sizes. It was amazing to work with World Animal Protection on limited edition message charm bracelets. These message charm bracelets are a part of their new campaign to save elephants in Asia.

Message Charm Bracelets Saving Elephants

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Throughout Asia elephants, taken from their homes in the wild, are forced to perform for tourists. These performances are often unnatural acts thus forcing thousands of elephants to suffer daily. Elephants start training for these performances as babies. This means they are torn from their mothers and cruelly forced to train. In fact, training often requires the elephants to learn new tricks and carry heavy seats, and people, on their backs.

World Animal Protection’s campaign, “Elephants. Not Entertainers.” serves to get elephants back to the wild where they belong. These message charm bracelets increase awareness of this program and allow the wearer to show their support. The World Animal Protection bracelets are black braided vinyl. The recycled pewter message bar features their slogan, “Protect Them All.” Moreover, each message charm bracelet showcases a mini elephant charm. This charm serves as a reminder of the animal it serves to protect.

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About World Animal Protection


message charm bracelets

World Animal Protection is the union of two animal protection agencies that merged in 1981. In 2014, they changed their name to World Animal Protection. They travel the world to help end suffering for animals, and have offices in 15 countries. In brief, they have done many monumental things to help animals. For example, they treated more than 70,000 animals after the catastrophic Haitian earthquake in 2010. They ended bear dancing in Greece, Turkey, and most of India. World Animal Protection educates consumers about humane farming. Not to mention, they jump into action when animals are affected by disasters. Notably, World Animal Protection is the only animal protection organization to regularly address the U.N.

From the very beginning, World Animal Protection has campaigned for lasting change for animals. This is incredibly important because animals deserve to be treated with respect and admiration. They are not forms of entertainment and deserve to be in the wild where they belong. World Animal Protection works directly with communities to spread knowledge. As a result, this knowledge allows them to protect their pets and animals. Obviously animal abuse is depressing and upsetting. Thankfully, organizations like World Animal Protection are here to help.

To learn more about World Animal Protection, visit their website.

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