3 Ways to Make Cause Marketing Work for You

by Oct 28, 2019Campaigns, Cause Marketing, Corporate Program, Inspirations

Cause marketing can be a meaningful and targeted way for your company to align with a cause.  A strategic campaign should be more than just one event or outreach…it should be an integral and genuine aspect of your business operations. With this in mind, there are a lot of ways to approach cause marketing. It comes in many different forms and looks different depending on the industry or brand. Here are 3 key cause marketing tips to help you make your plan a success:


The key to successful cause marketing is being genuine which means first choosing something you believe in. When you and your staff choose a cause a you care about, the passion comes through. The employees will care about helping and the energy everyone puts in will be reflected in the outcome. Finding a related cause is the best place you look when finding a partner. For example, if you’re a pet food company or pet store, choose a shelter to establish a relationship with. When you stick with something familiar the partnership meshes together easily. It will be easier for you both to market your union as well because the cause is related to your brand in some way.


It’s safe to assume any organization would enjoy receiving a monetary donation or extra exposure. A alternative approach would be collaborating with the charity to identify their biggest needs, then match your company’s strengths with these needs. Don’t be quick to toss aside things like time and expertise. Providing organizations with knowledge and integrating with them directly rather than just contributing money shows consumers you’re serious about social good. This allows both of you the chance to seize opportunities that work best for both of you and maximize your cause partnership. It’s not always about raising funds, awareness plays a big role too!


Use social media. Everyone these days practically lives on their phones. The best cause marketing campaigns and partnerships capitalize on the power of social media. This media is effective because it varies depending on the channel used. You know where your consumers are, and they know where their supporters are. Sharing content and knowledge lets you find a whole new target market who care about your philanthropy and get to take part in it.

Cause marketing is a great way for you to showcase your corporate social responsibility. When done right, it can last long beyond a single campaign. Every company should realize the impact they make on the community and the world at large. They should participate in making the world a better place, and consumers are starting to realize that too. With these cause marketing tips you can create a long-standing partnership that will help the community and raise awareness.

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