Back to School time means a lot of things to different people. It can mean a brand new start or a new adventure. It can also mean time for fundraising and acknowledging the people who make things run smoothly day after day. Our name is Charity Charms but we also make custom charm programs for schools. We have proudly created beautiful and memorable charms for many educational institutions nationwide since 2004. Charms serve many purposes, but above all, serve as tangible reminders of the organizations wearers support, things that are important to them, and help unite them with others who share their interests and passions. These school charms serve all those purposes and more!

Here is a list of some of the schools we have created custom charm programs for:

school charms client list

Schools use their custom charms in many ways:

  • Honor Alumni
  • Recognize Achievement
  • Acknowledge Membership in a Club
  • Raise Funds for Special Projects

Check Out These Custom Logo Charms

school charms william smith givingbands school charms william smith charter charm

William Smith College

brophy collage prep school charms

Brophy College Preparatory

View Our LOGO CHARM GALLERY to See How Yours Might Look

Time to Create Your Custom School Charms!


Charms are a great way to unite supporters and build community. Charms can be given as gifts, offered for donations, or raise funds in new, interesting ways. They can be sold in campus gift stores or through drives to raise funds for important programs. Alumni love to have a token to remind them of their journey and memories of their time at your school. No matter what you use them for, Charms have the power to unite people through their common bond! School charms are a meaningful, charming way to build school spirit meanwhile funding important programs and clubs.

If you’re looking for an impactful and meaningful charm program for your school click below to contact us!

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