At Charity Charms we love animals. We are happy to say we have created bonds with many nonprofits and organizations who aim to improve the lives of animals big and small. There are so many wonderful causes that have used Charity Charms as a way to raise funds and awareness for their work, so we thought we would share some of their unique stories with you.

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Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society aims to make every shelter in the country no-kill by 2025. In short, they aim to make the world a better place by ensuring no pet ever ends up homeless or put down simply because they don’t have a home. Best Friends works through collaboration with shelters, rescues and pet-related businesses to reach their goal. Additionally, they host events across the country that bring together pet owners in their communities and raise money in an engaging way.

We helped Best Friends Animal Society with a full line of offerings featuring their cute logo. The items were so popular, they decided they needed a special charm for their Strut Your Mutt events. Best Friends is one of the most focused organizations out there working to help the lives of animals. We even took part in the Phoenix Strut Your Mutt event! READ MORE

Liberty Wildlife

Between 1970 and 2012 many of the world’s species have declined by 58%. This is incredibly concerning. Due to the development and expansion of our world, encountering wildlife in our neighborhoods is increasing. In brief, Liberty Wildlife is an organization run by volunteers that educate the community about animal conservation. They provide services to the local community to rescue and rehab animals. In addition, they monitor wildlife in order to help them maintain their natural habitats.

Liberty Wildlife has a mission to conserve animals and rehabilitate many Arizonan species. Together we created a collection of Charma Power bracelets for selling in their gift shop. In fact, the stones and charms were carefully selected to symbolize the animals they work to save. All proceeds go directly to helping wildlife. READ MORE 

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals sees a future where no animals ever have to enter animal shelters. The OAA works to fight pet homelessness, abuse, and neglect. In essence, they run programs to improve the lives of shelter pets in Oklahoma. This means the difference between suffering and comfort until animals become adopted. Above all, pets deserve to find their forever home and the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals is here to help them find one.
The OAA came to Charity Charms to create a full branded line of products. This line is to increase awareness, raise money, and let the world know about all the important work they do.


Austin Pets Alive!

Animals bring happiness to our lives. Austin Pets Alive has made Austin a better place to live for many pets. Since 2008, they have quickly became dedicated to stopping no-kill shelters in their community. Especially those with illnesses which is why they have implemented innovative programs to help them. As a result, they have been so effective in their mission, that since 2011 Austin has had a 90% no-kill rate citywide.
Like many organizations, Austin Pets Alive relies on donations and volunteers. We created a fun series of GivingBands featuring their logo charm. Of course, the bracelets are available in Austin Pets Alive’s signature colors making them the perfect reminder of the gigantic impact they are having on their community.


Iowa Humane Alliance

The mission of the Iowa Humane Alliance is simple: lower the number of animals entering shelters and end euthanasia. They believe animals should bring value to and protected by their owners and the world. One of their biggest visions is to ensure euthanasia is never used as a form of animal population control. After all, every animal deserves a chance at a good life and controlling the pet population is a great way to make that a reality for every pet. They are Iowa’s first non-profit, high-quality spay and neuter clinic. Iowa Humane Alliance provides low-cost services to a high volume of pets every day.
Iowa Humane Alliance was seeking a way to thank donors who supported their spay/neuter clinic. GivingBands were the ideal way to say thank you so we created a collection featuring symbolic charms and their adorable logo. To encourage more donations and holiday giving, they mailed out the bracelets giving their supporters a chance to collect them all. As a result, it was a unique and fun way of spreading the word.


Animals Helping People

Canine Companions for Independence

Since 1975, Canine Companions for Independence have been providing highly trained assistance dogs and support to people with disabilities. These animals provide everything from emotional support to basic services not to mention companionship. Having a companion dog improves the overall health and quality of life for their owner. Each dog endures a long training process and becomes matched with an owner at a graduation ceremony.
Each owner receives a companion free of charge so in order to get these goodwill ambassadors a job, Canine Companions for Independence came to Charity Charms to create a new logo charm. This logo charm is an addition to a brand-new product and used for online sales, donation incentives, and to give as gifts. It was a central part of their campaign.



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