Girls Golf Uses Symbols to Empower

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girls golf symbolic bracelet stack

Golf is one of the few sports played for life. It also happens to be a game that teaches valuable life skills like perseverance. Girls golf is a sport that is constantly growing in popularity. Girls Golf is a junior golf program promoting a love of golf to nearly 700,000 girls across the globe. Their program allows girls to feel important, appreciated, respected, supported, and safe. They do this by providing a girl-oriented environment. This allows girls to learn the game of golf in a social manner that is less intimidating. As a result, the girls reap the rewards of this environment and feel more comfortable to be themselves! We recently worked on a collection of symbolic bracelets with a local Girls Golf chapter, Girls Golf Phoenix. Obviously, the bracelets needed to show off the FUN personality of this amazing nonprofit!

Creating Symbolic Bracelets Featuring The 5 E’s

Girls Golf has 5 fundamental E’s of the program each teaching the girls an important value. It was essential these bracelets symbolize the 5 E’s. For these bracelets, they chose 5 classic symbol charms. Each bracelet features one charm with a significant meaning to Girls Golf. In addition, we created a small Girls Golf logo charm to sit alongside the symbol. The attached card is a cheerful mix of bright colors with the 5 E’s, (enrich, engage, exercise, energize, empower) displayed on it. It is important the bracelets feature bright colored GivingBands that are as vibrant as the energy of the organization.

5 Symbols of Empowerment:

  • Enrich: Star charm on turquoise GivingBand
  • Engage: Golf balls & clubs on a green GivingBand
  • Exercise: Wing on an orange GivingBand
  • Energize: Butterfly on a purple GivingBand
  • Empower: Helping hand on a pink GivingBand

Each girl involved with Girls Golf Phoenix receives a bracelet. They serve as a brilliant reminder of the core values Girls Golf teaches. Moreover they remind each of the girls how much they love the game. We, at Charity Charms, loved creating these fun, vibrant and symbolic bracelets for the girls!

About Girls Golf Phoenix

Girls Golf Phoenix is a local division of the Girls Golf program. All girls between the ages of 3 and 18 are welcome to join the program for training, tournaments, and, of course, tons of fun! There are currently 220 active members making it the largest and most active division of Girls Golf! The program provides events with different formats so each girl has the chance to have fun and engage in the game. As a result, they learn self-development and team building. Each girl has the opportunity to play in 1, 3, 6, 9, and 18-hole tournaments based entirely on skill level, not on age! There are only 3 requirements to join Girls Golf Phoenix: be ready to play, be athletic, and, most importantly, be positive! 

Girls Golf gives young girls the best chance of falling in love with the game. It provides positive mentors and role models plus opportunities to give back. Girls learn a deep understanding of the game in addition to the history and science behind it. Furthermore, they learn important lessons in fitness and nutrition. Girls Golf opens doors for girls to compete at the highest level and reach bigger heights. Whether a girl is just starting out or interested in playing with people who share their passion, there is a Girls Golf program ready to welcome them. To keep costs down, Girls Golf runs entirely on local donations, grants, and contributions from the local community. To learn more about helping Girls Golf Phoenix, visit their website.

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