Bangles for Glory – R.A.C.E. Charities Help Promote Colon Cancer Awareness

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Charity Charms was honored to team with Race Charities to create a special gold bangle. This bangle helps Gamma Phi Beta raise funds for Colon Cancer Awareness in memory of their sister Glory, who passed from the disease. Here is their story.

Since its inception, R.A.C.E. Charities has been very closely tied to Gamma Phi Beta. The organization was started our late sister Glory. Glory passed away from colon cancer shortly after graduating from the University of Arizona. Glory insisted RACE Charities use the funds to support the research of scientists at Fred Hutch. Not only was the diagnosis a surprise to Glory and her family, but to her sisters in spirit as well. The news about Glory was devastating but we are hopeful that her legacy will live on. Of course, with Glory’s glowing spirit, our chapter wanted to celebrate her. Showing support to her own organization was the best way to spread her positivity and warmth. Not to mention her compassion for others.

Get to Know RACE Charities

Race Charities Blog bangleEach year, the Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta hosts a glow-in-the-dark relay race, “Go For Glow.” The proceeds go towards colon cancer research. Notably to promote awareness through education and early detection processes. Fortunately, Cindy, Glory’s mother, has been very active with the organization. With the help of Charity Charms, we were able to raise over $4,200 in donations through the sale of gorgeous gold bangles. The bangles are custom creations by Charity Charms for our chapter. They have a small bead and a larger Race Charities bead. Each member wore a bangle during our formal recruitment process. Many of our potential new members love that we had already donated such a largesum to an amazing cause. Especially one that is so close to our hearts. 



Charity Charms Set Us Apart from the Rest

My sisters loved the result of the bangles! Our MVP, Alyssa, stated that they “set us apart from the rest of the chapters during recruitment.” Because we had a cohesive look, many non-members were more curious about our philanthropic cause. Not to mention how we support our community. One of my mom’s friends raved about our effort to give back so early: Charity Charms Race Charities Bangle

“Gamma Phi Beta is the one house that many people say ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to their philanthropy. Beginning early in a cohesive effort to not only showcase their personality but showcase they care about several different aspects of their community.”

The “dangle bangles,” as Cindy and I like to call them, are a representation of not only our memory of Glory, but our promise to carry on her story and the race to fight against cancer. It was a pleasure and a breeze working with Charity Charms to promote our special cause.

-Caitlin Barner, Philanthropy Chairwoman


If your school, business or organization has an upcoming campaign to raise funds and/or awareness, contact Charity Charms to create a custom charity bracelet.

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