Cause Marketing: The Six Top Fundraisers

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What Are the Six Top Cause Marketing Fundraisers?


There are many ways to increase donations with Cause Marketing. According to the latest infographic from Joe Waters at, some fundraisers work better than others. Notably, these include checkout programs, a percentage of sales fundraisers, buy-one-give-one, action-triggered donations and cause products.

When it comes to cause marketing, checkout programs can be extremely successful. Certainly, because you find them everywhere from major retailers to your local neighborhood market.

Charity Charms GivingBands Make Great Checkout Items.

Percent of sales fundraisers can be very lucrative as well. Ultimately, the key to this type of fundraiser is to be up-front and honest about how much is being donated and to whom. Meanwhile, an action triggered cause marketing fundraisers work by companies donating funds whenever a certain criterion is met. For example, the criteria can be anything from running a mile to doing push-ups.

Buy-one-give-one promotions have really taken off. This is because customers can buy one item and give another on everything from shoes and eyeglasses not to mention peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. B1G1 is something everyone can feel good about.

Another great cause marketing fundraiser is a digital program. Hashtags are one of the most popular digital fundraisers. Hashtag = Donation! What could be easier?! Some companies also donate money when you scan their package or barcode. Finally, the last fundraiser in the top six is cause products. We have all seen the pink products offered during Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as the Red Dress Pins sold for ‘Go Red for Women.” Similarly to B1G1, this cause marketing strategy allows supporters to purchase products while giving to a serious cause.

The cause marketing fundraisers in the top six have proven to be successful. Joe shares some excellent examples of these fundraisers on Pinterest.

Check out this Top Six Cause Marketing Fundraisers Infographic

Infographic of the Six Top Cause Marketing Fundraisers

With this in mind, have you considered how you’ll put these cause marketing ideas into practice? Charity Charms will help your school, business, or organization spread your passionate message. After all, people are more likely to spread your message through word of mouth so why not do so in a fashionable way?

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