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At Charity Charms, we believe in empowering organizations. We do this by encouraging them to apply the marketing plans and campaigns they have in place. With this in mind, the charms we create for them can augment current programs or can stand alone.
One way charities use the custom charm programs created for them is by offering them online for sale. By offering them as products in an online store supporters have the power to buy items they love. Meanwhile, they show others their dedication to your cause. Likewise, the charm programs increase donations. Similarly, a donation can result in a thank you gift. Many people increase donations in the event that they will receive a gift in return.
A point often overlooked is how much people love showing their personality. Our charms make unique bracelets and other fashionable accessories. This certainly gives people the option to choose a plethora of ways to support a cause. Wearing a cause close to their hearts can inspire others to donate.

How Charity Charms Helps Increase Awareness and Profits

When organizations buy from us, they receive a large discount off the market price. So when they “sell’ the items they keep 100% of the profit. In other words, the products you give to support your cause put profits directly back in your pocket.
At Charity Charms we support our clients in many ways. For example, one of them is to highlight and spread the word for those offering programs online. In fact, our Holiday Charm Shop, launched this December. In particular, we provide direct links to some of the organizations that offer online sales.
Given these points, it’s important to consider your future marketing campaigns. Are you ready to take them to the next level? Whether you’re a school, business, or organization, Charity Charms can help. We increase awareness of your brand through the power of charms. Learn more by visiting our Charms in Action page.

Bring awareness to your organization, business, or school with the Power of Charity Charms!

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