Cause Marketing: Top 5 Fundraising Ideas

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Cause Marketing is a helpful way for nonprofits to team with corporate partners to raise funds. There are many ways for organizations to increase donations through Cause Marketing. Of course, some fundraisers work better than others. We have compiled these cause marketing concepts for you as a helpful resource.

Cause Marketing: Top Fundraising Ideas

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the forefront of the business world today. It keeps employees engaged and make businesses a place people want to work at. With more and more organizations losing their funding, cause marketing partnerships can help organizations raise the important funds they need to help their community and the world. As a result, the two come together and form a valuable partnership.


  • Check Out Programs: Check out Programs are one of the most successful cause marketing concepts because they are seen by everyone. They can be found from major retailers to local neighborhood markets. They capitalize on a consumer’s impulsive instincts, but rather than buying a pack of gum, they can make a difference.
  • Percent of Sales: Percent of sales are lucrative because they require transparency. Donors know exactly how much is being donated and to whom. This allows consumers to feel comfortable with their participation in the fundraiser.
  • Buy One, Give One: The Buy One, Give One model has been a part of cause marketing for a while. The model allows consumers to purchase a product and, in turn, one is given to those in need. TOMS and Warby Parker are at the forefront of this movement providing shoes and glasses across the world.
  • Cause Products: The rise of using cause products to increase awareness of causes. These cause products give consumers a unique product that consistently reminds them of the organization and the impact they have made. They retain a useable item that symbolizes their contribution and lives on after the donation is made.
  • Matching Gifts: Matching gifts encourage donors to support the cause knowing their donation will be matched. This means their donation goes twice as far. Coca-Cola teamed up with World Wildlife Fund to match sales of their Arctic Home cans. Consumers entered a code and Coca-Cola matched the donation helping to save the Arctic and polar bears.

These Cause Marketing Fundraising Ideas have proven to be successful. Have you considered how you’ll put cause marketing concepts into practice within your organization? Charity Charms can be used with all of these fundraising programs as a way to help you spread your passionate message to the world. People are more likely to spread messages through word of mouth, so why not do it in a tangible, visible way?


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