Using Cause Marketing to Charm Your Community

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Cause Marketing is a beneficial union between a nonprofit and a company. In addition to raising funds and other activities, both parties can raise awareness of their respective organizations. Charity Charms founder, Kay McDonald, recently sat down with Jarrett Ransom, The Nonprofit Nerd, on the NPO Talk Show. During the show, they discussed cause marketing tips and tricks. There are so many important things to know about Cause Marketing and we are sharing our top three with you. 


Engaging a Corporate Sponsor

Cause Marketing is a partnership. This means there must be a synergy between the company and the nonprofit. In other words, the company must align with the value and vision of the nonprofit. Finding the right partnership is going to help make your cause marketing campaign more successful. Effective campaigns can solicit help and raise awareness for the charity. As a result, the company receives a public relations boost and even increased sales. 

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Branding Your Cause 

One of the most important cause marketing tips is branding your campaign. Cause Products like t-shirts, key chains, and logo jewelry elevate your branding not to mention your cause marketing campaign. Customers benefit from knowing that simply by making a purchase, they are giving back to their community. Plus, when it comes to cause products, they will be inspired to wear or use them daily. This is an investment that continues to pay for itself over time. 

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Value of Word of Mouth Marketing

Did you know that your investment can get a return simply on impressions and word of mouth marketing? According to a Purdue University study, for every dollar you spend on word of mouth marketing, you get a $26 return. We are more likely to become passionate about a cause our friends and family support. This is the central idea behind word of mouth marketing. Taking this one step further, cause products are conversation starters everywhere from the street to check out counters at the store. They give your supporters an opportunity to spread your message simply by talking to people in their community about your work. 

Cause Marketing and Your Organization

Studies have shown that consumers would switch from one brand to another if they are associated with good causes. This is why cause marketing should be an essential part of any business. Not only will it help consumers become more brand loyal, but there will be a boost in company morale. Nonprofits benefit from accessing a business’s marketing resources and exposure to customers. This means they are able to have greater reach than they would have all on their own. 

Learn more Cause Marketing tips about Charming Your Nonprofit Community by watching the video below!

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