Disaster Relief Campaigns

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Campaigns, Fundraising, Inspirations, Uses

When the TSUNAMI hit Japan we felt honored as a company to have a vehicle to help raise funds for the victims. We had a personal stake in the tragedy. Unfortunately, the owner’s cousin was living and working in Tokyo at the time. It is important to act quickly when tragedy strikes. This how disaster relief campaigns often begin.

Charity Charms Aids In Tsunami Disaster Relief Campaigns


We know engaging people to donate and volunteer requires a lot of coordination. This is why a bracelet that unifies the team is a badge of honor to show that they helped with disaster relief.
For the Helping Hand for Japan disaster relief campaign, we used our helping hand charm. Then we created a custom branding bead that said For Japan. Two silicone bracelets matching the colors of the Japanese flag complete the look. The custom GivingBand was then added to a printed card to aid in branding the disaster relief campaigns. Generally speaking, Charity Charms specializes in custom charms but we also have many popular symbol charms. These are available quickly to meet a demand. Especially one as urgent as raising funds for disaster relief.
The finished bracelets are available to various groups fundraising for the tragedy. Not to mention retailers as a point of sale fundraising vehicle. Plus online through our facebook page.
We hope no disasters happen in the future, but that just isn’t realistic. They not only happen worldwide but daily with family health tragedies as well. Charm bracelets help people unify to support a cause. Wear. Share. Care.

Let Charity Charms help your cause by harnessing the power of charms! 

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