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People LOVE to talk about and share good ideas along with things they love. That’s why we love charms! We enjoy seeing them in action whenever they are being worn. Wearing jewelry to show that you are passionate about a cause is the BEST way to spread awareness. Not to mention HELP the cause you support.

Custom Charms to Help Spread Awareness

At Charity Charms we work directly with the organization to create custom charms that they can use for multiple reasons. Whether they give them to supporters or use for fundraising. Often, charities team up with a retailer to sell their custom charm bracelets. As a result, the retailer expands the reach for the cause. In other words, it has the power to introduce a bigger audience to an important cause. Especially a cause they may not have known about previously.

At the same time, many causes have their own websites where you can purchase items. For example, the American Diabetes Association Shop Diabetes store. They sell items that give proceeds back directly to their cause. Shopping gives supporters the chance to shop to stop diabetes. In addition, we also applaud the many retailers that give back a portion of the proceeds for targeted charity products.

Examples of these include:

  • Elisa Ilana
  • Altruette
  • Kay Jewelers
  • Pandora
  • Brighton
  • Pure Vida Bracelets
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Bravelets
  • and many more!
Having a wearable item of jewelry generates interest and spreads awareness further. People can show off a beautiful piece of jewelry while generating conversation about your cause. Whenever someone speaks to us about something they have a passion for, we take notice. When this is an important cause, we feel inspired to help. At the same time, your supporters have a unique, special badge of pride they can wear daily.

Charity Charms can help you spread awareness of your organization or cause!

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