Responsible Manufacturing

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Campaigns

We believe in making products in the USA whenever possible. Furthermore, we value responsible manufacturing. Ultimately, making products in the USA made helps our economy by employing our citizens. Plus it helps us keep a handle on quality control. Additionally, there are so many great companies to source from and we find that resources in America are more willing to work with us. Especially when it comes to terms, minimums, and new ideas.

Charity Charms Believes In Responsible Manufacturing

Carefully crated by our skilled artisans each Charity Charm custom charm is an American work of art.

We use recycled pewter and sterling in respect for the environment. The model arrives at our factories in Phoenix, AZ, and Providence, RI. Finally, they are beautiful charms. Whenever possible American charities with manufacturing or social enterprise divisions assemble our charm bracelets. With this in mind, Charity Charms benefits charities from manufacturing right through to the organization that uses them for fundraising and awareness. In essence, this is just part of our responsible manufacturing. Lastly, our packaging is recyclable and printed on recycled papers. As a socially responsible business, we have choices to make, and making choice for MADE in the USA. All things considered, eco-Friendly is the right choice for us and the organizations we serve!

Bring awareness to your organization, business, or school with the Power of Charity Charms!

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