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Cause Marketing and the power of uniting brands with causes is nothing new, but the movement is definitely growing. When launching Charity Charms in 2004, we were definitely at the forefront of something big, meaningful, and world-changing. Give back programs have become an incredibly popular cause marketing tool, in addition to being a key way to build brand loyalty.
The Charity Charms B2B model (we call it CtoC)  is to help charities and companies build meaningful cause jewelry products. Products that fuel their give back and awareness strategies. Once receiving the custom charm items we create for them, they keep 100% of the profits. Our model is a unique resource, and we love being helpful in this very special way.

Giving Back & Corporate Social Responsibility


Giving back is now at the forefront of corporate social responsibility. They aim to become good corporate citizens overall. After all, corporations are powerful and have huge effects on the environment. Not to mention their consumers. Embracing a philosophy of doing good and affecting the world with positive change enhances their triple bottom line. In other words, it benefits people, the planet, and their profit.
Brands adopt giving back models at a faster pace these days. It’s a known fact loyal customers are willing to spend more when they trust the brand. In particular, millennials lean towards brands with a socially conscious platform. More often than not, millennials are likely to bring these brands into their daily lives over one-time donations. For example, companies that use sustainable farming. They look at helping social and environmental problems using the bigger picture.
Millennials, in particular, are more responsive to cause marketing. In essence, they are more likely to purchase cause-related items and expect companies to care about social issues. Moreover, they end up using these companies over those who don’t follow similar practices. Below are a couple of our favorite examples.

Examples of Popular Give Back Programs


  • Warby Parker uses a “buy a pair, give a pair model.” For every pair of eyeglasses sold, they donate a pair to a nonprofit partner.
  • Love Your Melon gives hats to children battling cancer. They donate 50% of profits to nonprofits fighting pediatric cancer. Furthermore, they donate hats regularly to hospitals in order to give a hat to every child battling cancer.
  • Amazon’s Smile program gives customers the chance to support a favorite charity while shopping at no cost to them. The company donates a portion of eligible purchases to the chosen nonprofit. There are over a million causes across the country with no cap on Amazon’s giving amount.
Corporations have been using giving programs for a while now. But consumers were never using give back programs to make loyalty decisions. As can be seen, companies are paying more attention to the thoughts of their consumers. They are continuously creating new programs to support this. More and more brands will continue to adopt these programs especially with younger generations demanding it. The most important thing is that give back programs are true and authentic to the business. It’s not simply just important to give back but to actually make a difference.

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