Get Behind the Red Shield with The Salvation Army

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Since 1965, The Salvation Army has been meeting the needs of people without discrimination. These needs include shelter, food, and overcoming life’s challenges. The Salvation Army developed through a need to spread God’s love, message, and aid those suffering. The Salvation Army was looking for unique, unisex bracelets to give to gala attendees that would spread this message. 

Caring Cords with a Custom Message Card

Get Behind the Red Shield was the theme of the event. The Salvation Army uses this phrase throughout their organization to garner support for the important work they do. They chose Caring Cords because they are unisex bracelets. Ultimately, Caring Cords suit both men and women not to mention any age group. This is why Caring Cords make such a great gala gift. They are a crowd pleaser. Each attendee received a macrame bracelet as a thank you for attending. 

unisex bracelets charm render

The Caring Cords are the iconic red of the Salvation Army. They feature a mini recycled pewter charm with the Salvation Army logo on one side. On the other side is the name of the event which allows the attendees to recall the event long after it is over. Each bracelet came attached to a customized message card. This card features their red and black color scheme and drives home the overall goal of Get Behind the Red Shield. Custom packaging pulls the entire look together and matches their brand perfectly. 

About the Salvation Army


The Salvation Army is currently present in over 130 countries globally. Additionally, they serve 25 million Americans annually. The Salvation Army enters communities and assesses their unique needs. They build local programs that aid immediate relief and lead to long term growth. They invest in communities in order to cure hunger, overcome poverty, and much more.


Caring Cords: Eco-Friendly, Unisex Bracelets

Are you looking for a new charity bracelet that everyone will wear and love? Caring Cords may be your solution. 

Organizations love them because they are unisex and come in colors to match their brand. The versatile waxed cotton cord bracelets have an adjustable knot closure so they fit any wrist from teens to dads. The charm on Caring Cords is a mini recycled pewter charm. We chose the tiny charm to make them more wearable for men, but still have the impact of your signature logo charm. 

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Caring Cords are perfect for events, donation drives, giveaways, and fundraising. 

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