Our Top 10 Cause Jewelry Trends for 2019

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For 15 years Charity Charms has been a leader in the cause jewelry industry. Charity Charms are a vehicle for helping your organization stand out from the rest. Whether you are a nonprofit, school, or business, Charity Charms is custom branding redefined. Our line of jewelry and accessories aligns with current fashion trends giving organizations a fun, boutique way to brand. We make it a point to look at trends and choose those that bring our clients value in a stylish way. For the year, we have defined our Top 2019 Cause Jewelry Trends in order to help you in the coming year!


Trend 1. Focus on Words 

2019 cause jewelry trends

Many organizations have key words, hashtags, or phrases that brand their cause. Wearing those on a piece of jewelry is a conversation starter that introduces word of mouth marketing. In fact, word of mouth marketing is a great perk of branding and spreads your message. Many people are more likely to listen to and take into consideration the opinions of people they know.


Trend 2: Logo Jewelry

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Your logo is unique and special to your organization. In fact, logos become iconic and the way people immediately recognize you. Why use the same branded products everyone uses? Logo jewelry is a wearable way to give your biggest supporters a memorable way to show their support. 89% of people can recall organizations purely based on a branded product they have received sometime in the past. As a result, why not give them something of value that will be worn rather than tossed into a drawer?



Trend 3. Unisex Bracelets

2019 cause jewelry trends

More and more men are wearing bracelets. As a result, it has become essential to have an offering that is unisex. This is true not only in color but in materials as well.


4. Sustainable Materials

The world is becoming eco-friendlier every day. This means jewelry featuring recycled materials and eco-friendly packaging is incredibly appealing. Not only for your supporters but your bottom line.


5. Designer Brands Jumping Into the Game

2019 cause jewelry trends


Upscale brands like Tiffany’s, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton now have their own charity bracelets. With more options in partnerships and cause jewelry, taking on a charm program is becoming easier. You don’t even have to partner with a jewelry giant to take part in these 2019 jewelry trends. In fact, taking on the project yourself can be more effective.


6. DIY

2019 cause jewelry trends

Charities are making their own jewelry for fundraising. Ultimately, building their own jewelry allows them to create their own product in house purely for fundraising.


7. Artisan Jewelry

2019 cause jewelry trends

Handcrafted pieces made by women in underprivileged countries are becoming more popular. In short, this type of trend helps women support their families and their local communities for double impact.


8. Purse Charms

2019 cause jewelry trends

Purse charms are versatile and can be attached to nearly anything. Clip on lobster clasps, for example, can be added to purses, backpacks, and even dog collars.


9. Social Enterprise

2019 cause jewelry trends

Jill Rivera for Frontdoors Media

Charities are selling jewelry to raise funds. We are creating complete custom branded lines to support them in these ventures. With this trend, organizations take on a few products to build a fully branded line. This ultimately provides the organization with a variety of offerings to suit the differing styles and interests of their organization. It also gives them a chance to have useful products that keep their brand in the minds of the person using the product every day.


10. Corporate Cause Marketing 

2019 cause marketing trends

Corporations are increasingly becoming interested in give back programs. They are ordering cause jewelry to support charities. This is done by working with them and providing incentives for employees that volunteer. Additionally, they get to extend their resources back into the community with causes they and their employees’ support




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Charity Charms founder and CEO Kay McDonald is featured in this month’s issue of FrontDoors Magazine! We are excited to share 2019 jewelry trends and the future of Charity Charms with readers. You can read the issue here.


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