Character Counts: Symbol Charm Bracelets Reinforce Learning

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Character Counts is a worldwide organization that provides children with a system to help develop good character. In addition to encouraging them to be the best, they can be. In particular, this educational program offers services and materials to increase ethical commitment, competence, and practice in all segments of society.

Recently, Character Count’s Creative Director, Tony Baer reached out to our CEO and Founder, Kay McDonald and together they crafted a fun and engaging line of GivingBands. Ultimately, they carry the message (and words) featured by Character Counts. The organization offers a program focusing on the six pillars of character. These pillars are Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Caring, Fairness, and Respect.

Character Counts Custom Charm Bracelets Are a Learning Tool

custom charm bracelet Six Pillars of Character

Six Pillars of Character

custom charm bracelet Character Counts - six branding beads

Word Beads

A custom charm bracelet is a great way of reminding children of what they are learning. With this in mind, each bracelet has an important word and symbol attached. Furthermore, they describe one of the character traits the children strive to live by.

Branding is of paramount importance for all organizations especially, non-profits. Character Counts uses fun graphics and bright colors to engage the children they serve. Likewise, Charity Charms’ brightly colored silicone GivingBands complemented these colors perfectly! After all, the combination made for the ideal custom charm bracelet.

custom charm bracelet Symbol Charms

Six Symbol Charm Bracelets

To signify each pillar, Tony also selected popular symbols from the Charity Charms line. Not only did the charm symbols tie in with the pillars, but each features a small word charm. Ultimately, we used words that align with the pillars taught in the program. Additionally, each GivingBand contains a custom message card for each style. They reinforce the importance of the values associated with each GivingBand and charms.

Presently the colorful GivingBands are offered as a learning and reinforcement tool to all organizations that use the Character Counts’ program.

Charity Charms & Character Counts Working Together

Kay McDonald certainly found this equally important staying, “I enjoy meeting with clients directly when the opportunity arises. On a recent trip to Puerto Rico, I had the pleasure of meeting Character Count’s President, Jorge Diaz and delivering samples of products in person. I also had the opportunity to connect with Jorge about the myriad ways these products can be used for maximum impact. ”Multi Charm Packages, such as the one created for Character Counts are a popular and effective way for organizations to integrate Charity Charms into the organization’s fundraising and awareness initiatives.

custom charm bracelet Sharing Ideas

Sharing Ideas

Our Multi-Charm packages include three parts that will add success to your campaign. Namely, these three parts are:

  1. Charms: With over 50 popular symbols to choose from such as a heart, cross, dog paw and more, organizations can find a charm that speaks to their mission and cause. In addition, Charity Charms specializes in custom charms created from the organization’s logo and/or featuring a significant word, date, or icon.
  2. Color: Every cause has a color and Charity Charms offers 12 standard colors or can match any Pantone color
  3. Message Card: A 3 x 4 two-sided card can accompany the custom bracelets to share crucial information about the organization. For example, it includes things such as the Mission Statement, contact information, sponsor recognition, website, etc.

 How to Partner with Character Counts

At the present time, there are three ways to get in contact with Character Counts. First, find out how your school, charity, or organization can use the Character Counts program at Character Counts. Second, by mail at: CHARACTER COUNTS!  3742 W. Century Blvd. #7, Inglewood, CA 90303. Third by email or phone at or +1 310 846 4800

Create Your Own Custom Charm Bracelet

As soon as you decide your organization is ready to widen their reach contact us! The most popular and cost-effective way for non-profits, schools, and organizations to create their own custom charm bracelet with Charity Charms is via our Value Packages.

Making dreams a reality for organizations like Character Counts is why we do what we do at Charity Charms. Charms have the power to tell a story, connect people in a meaningful way, and build a legacy of learning. Presently, promoting social good and conscious living is at the forefront for today’s consumers and donors. Charity Charms came out of this shared vision for a better world back in 2004. Our mission is to empower charities and their supporters to wear beautiful and symbolic pieces that bring their important work to life. Above all, Charity Charms has created over 500 custom charm programs for charities, schools, businesses, teams, and foundations. Charity Charms is helping these organizations tell their story and connect people through the power of charms. Finally, to learn more about Charity Charms visit Charity Charms Website .


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