How to Create a “Charming” Campaign to Engage Your Supporters

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 Charity Charms brings your logo and brand to life by creating custom logo charms and charity bracelets for your organization (Click to view gallery). They are the perfect tool for enhancing your charming campaign.

How to Create a "Charming" Campaign to Engage Your Supporters Blog Charity Charms

Once the charms are created and used within your organization you see the power of what the charms do.

Your supporters LOVE wearing a charm with your logo so they can talk about how they support you whether through a gift of time, money, or both.

Charming Campaigns capitalize on the power of charms. Specifically how you can use them to create impact for your initiative(s). Each campaign meets your needs and objectives. For example, charming campaigns can help with cause marketing or fundraising. Moreover, they make great gifts for walks and runs, but also as a thank you to volunteers and donors. They can rebrand your mission and encompass many reward structures. As a matter of fact, charming campaigns engage new supporters to your cause. When used together with many applications, charming campaigns can reach new, higher levels.


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Farmers Insurance Raised Funds for March of Dimes

Creating Your Charming Campaign

Custom campaigns can feature one charm or multiple charms. The options are numerous. Our skilled staff works with you one on one to craft the perfect campaign by determining a few key pieces of information.

  • What will you be using the charms for? (fundraising, donation drive, multiple uses.)
  • Do you have a budget or will you engage a sponsor to underwrite your program?
  • What product will fit the needs of the campaign (Sterling charms, GivingBands, etc.)
  • Branding: What colors will tie in, What will the message be on the card/packaging
  • What is your delivery date and does it need to be made in the USA?

Or instead, if you have a full marketing staff, you can simply use the product and craft your own!

We love to support the charities we work with by providing ideas on how to charm your world.

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Bring awareness to your organization, business, or school with the Power of Charity Charms!

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