Women United through the Power of Charms

Design a Custom Charm to empower, inspire, and grow your community

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Charity Charms is a woman-owned social enterprise that employs charities to assemble our custom products

Inspire Your Members

Unite Your Community

Strengthen Group Culture

Get the Scoop on Inspiring Your Volunteers and Committee Members!

Join Kay and Julia from the Nonprofit Show as they discuss the value of boosting relations with nonprofit volunteers and committee members using inspirational and mission messaged incentives both after and before their service work.

Growing your group, cause or organization can be a struggle if…

Your group feels disconnected

Nobody is talking about your cause

Your members do not have a way to spread the word about your mission

We have revamped our popular Top 10 guide for using charms in your organization! Click the button below to receive your copy and get inspired!

Inspiring women like you empower and unite their communities through

The Power Of Charms

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Custom Charms

Design a custom charm for your group. Create a bespoke charm to show affiliation with your group, cause, or event.

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Premium Charms for Sale

Select from the best pre-designed charms to unite your community around a powerful symbol.

Get a symbol charm worth wearing and sharing.

For over a decade we have provided customized logo and symbol charms that help communities and non-profit organizations grow. 

Let’s uncover the essence of your community or cause and design a symbol charm worth wearing and  sharing.

“Kay understands the passion and motivation behind our charity to create pieces that help raise awareness for the Amanda Hope Project and our work with childhood cancer warriors and their families.”

Jessie Swygert

Director of Operations, Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

“Charity Charms combines creativity, innovation, and a ‘stop at nothing to get it done’ attitude to deliver exceptional results for their clients.”

Pam Gaber

Founder and Executive Director, Gabriels Angels

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Women Heart Charm
Childhelp Charm

New Member Gifts

Top Donor Recognition

Yearly Theme Inspiration

Here’s How It Works

1. Discovery

Fill out a short form and tell us all about your group or event.

2. Design

Provide your artwork, and choose your charm jewelry package.

3. Women United

Unite your group with a charm they love to wear and talk about. *

*BONUS! We’ll help get the word out. Get a spotlight feature on our podcast and social media with your custom charm package.



The Power of Women

The Power of Charms

You want your community to be empowered, united, and growing. In order to do that you need a product that symbolizes your member’s association with your cause that helps them to spread the word.

The problem is, finding the right product is difficult and uninspiring. Every search leads to the same boring stuff. It’s everything BUT empowering.



For over a decade we have provided customized logo and symbol charms for communities and non-profit organizations. Our proprietary process allows us to uncover the essence of your community brand. We create your power symbol or unique logo to unite your group and help them to spread the word with a charm they love to wear and talk about.

Here’s how it works:

  • Discovery – Tell us all about your group
  • Design – We work with you to create your symbol and charm package
  • Women United – Your group feels special and united through the power of charms

Go ahead and schedule your discovery call. In the meantime, check out our free E-BOOK – The Power of Charms

Inspiring stories of powerful women and the symbols that define them.

Your group isn’t average. It’s time to empower, inspire and unite women. You can lead the way through the power of charms.

FREE E-Book Download:

The Power of Charms

Inspiring stories of powerful women and the symbols that define them.

Your Community is Not Average.  Your Community is Remarkable.

It’s time to empower, inspire and unite women and the organizations and causes they care about. 

You can lead the way through the power of charms.

The Power of Charms Podcast

Charity Charms’ Kay McDonald sits down with special guests who share inspiring stories of how they are helping their community, bits of wisdom, and how they have used charms to change the world.

Episode 47: The Amazing Dottie Rose Collab

Episode 46: An Animal Shelter Story to Melt Your Heart with Ginny Jontes

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Why Charity Charms

Superior Quality Charms Made in the U.S.A.


Charity Charms prides itself on the superb quality of its charms. Charity Charms custom logo and symbol charms utilize only the best of materials and are hand cast in the United States by experienced craftsmen. Each charm is made from 100% sustainable, recycled pewter or sterling silver. From the very beginning of your project, we take pride and care in order to bring the iconic parts of your logo to life and create a wearable work of art you can't get anywhere else. Whether you're looking for a timeless token or on-trend style, our team will be dedicated to creating an item that brings your vision to life. Charity Charms products are long-lasting when cared for properly. Our handcrafted charms become a chapter in your story that supporters will want to share for years to come.


At Charity Charms we value sustainability so our products are:
  • Made with eco-friendly, recycled metals
  • In Reusable packaging
  • Made in the USA
  • Assembled by a purpose driven workforce

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