Defining and Impactful

Message Bracelets are unisex braided adjustable bracelets that spread your message. Message Bracelets are made of braided vinyl and one size fits most. Add your company name, hashtag, or slogan to define your brand or cause and customize your pewter message bracelets! Use for donor gifts, walks, fundraisers, and special events.

Only the Best

Your supporters LOVE to spread the word about your cause by wearing YOUR Message Bracelets and telling YOUR story. Message Bracelets are pewter message bracelets that make your supporters feel like a recognized and special member of your community.


Recycled pewter message bar on an adjustable vinyl bracelet. Put your company name, hashtag, or slogan to define your brand or cause. 

embrace the power of charms


Use B’Strong Bracelets To: 

  • Engage your community
  • Thank your supporters, members, and volunteers
  • Commemorate good work and achievement
  • Support your mission
  • Honor the gift of time and support
  • Spread awareness for your cause
  • Recognize important contributions
  • Send a message to find a cure, stop abuse, save an animal

world animal protection message bracelets

From World Animal Protection’s newsletter

World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection Vows to Protect Them All

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