Charity Charms Packages

We offer various packages to help you unite your organization through the power of charms. Whether you’re ready to create a custom item, use our popular symbol line, or tell the world your story – we have a package for you.

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Interview Package

We want to interview for our Power of Charms Series! Tell your story and share your passions with our audience through our video and podcast series.

womenheart custom logo charm

Sterling Silver Logo Package

Our signature artistry takes the icon in your logo and turns it into a beautiful, tangible, valuable sterling charm that your members will treasure. Imagine the beauty of your brand coming to life.

Sterling Silver Symbol Package

Charms have been worn for centuries as talismans for passions, interests, and life. Our Power of Charms brand features the world’s most popular symbols and provides an easy way for organizations to choose those that define them.

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