Dottie Rose & The Binary Bling Box

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According to the AAUW, women only make up 28% of the workforce in science, math, engineering, and technology. These are some of the fastest growing and highest paying jobs of the future. For this reason, it has become more and more critical to get younger girls into these fields of study. Enter the Dottie Rose Foundation. Out friends at Dottie Rose are engaging girls in the wonder of math. They were looking for a fun, engaging way for young girls to apply the principles they have learned, show real life understanding of the computer science concepts, and how they connect with every day activities. Together Dottie Rose’s founder Sharon Jones and Charity Charms created the Binary Bling Box.

Creating The Binary Bling Box

For many, math and technology can be hard to grasp concepts that turn people away rather than igniting the passion within them. The Binary Bling Box is helping Dottie Rose build a new generation of female technologists by developing skills, confidence, and voice. Dottie Rose encourages girls to be curious and create rather than simply consume technology. The Binary Bling Box is a set of beads that allows girls to go through Dottie Rose Foundation’s programs learning to write and understand Binary Code. Through the use of the kit, girls will learn how to write and understand the code while creating a bracelet representing something meaningful to them. The box features a selection of colorful beads, Binary Bling Box branding, and is presented in an organza bag. Our kits are put together by our incredible partners at Seeds for Autism.

binary bling box components

dottie rose foundation logo charm binary bling box

binary bling box stack

About the Dottie Rose Foundation

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The Dottie Rose Foundation is on a mission to connect the dots within technology and computer science to educate, support, and inspire the next generation. They envision closing the gender gap for females in the field of technology and computer science. They empower tech savvy girls through camps that offer hands-on experiential learning to develop the skill set they need to explore the areas of technology that excite them.

Meet Dr. Sharon Jones on the Power of Charms

dr. sharon jones

Meet the awesome Dr. Sharon Jones! Join Kay and Sharon as they discuss our collaboration on the Binary Bling Box, the Dottie Rose Foundation, and it’s incredible mission to inspire young girls.



Create something beautiful, learn Binary Code, and support the Dottie Rose Foundation by grabbing a Binary Bling Box for the young girl in your life!



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