Unisex and Useful

Turn your logo into a key ring to show gratitude to your supporters! These key rings are approximately 1″ and unisex making them useful for everyone! Made from recycled eco-friendly pewter. Made in the USA. One of our most popular appreciation gifts.  Pewter key rings help YOU spread awareness, thank supporters, & raise FUNDS.

Only the Best

Your supporters LOVE to spread the word about your cause by using YOUR key rings and telling YOUR story. The key rings make them feel like a recognized and special member of your community.


Customized with your logo charm attached to a steel split ring. Charming Key Rings are unisex items that everyone can use! The custom pewter logo charm is approximately 1″

CHARMS created from your logo.


childhood cancer awareness bracelets - keyring

embrace the power of charms


Use Key Rings To: 

  • Engage your community
  • Thank your supporters, members, and volunteers
  • Commemorate good work and achievement
  • Support your mission
  • Honor the gift of time and support
  • Spread awareness for your cause
  • Recognize important contributions
  • Send a message to find a cure, stop abuse, save an animal

The Salvation Army

Doing the Most Good: The Salvation Army Promise In Action

Fearlessly Deliver

The Art of Fearlessly Giving Back

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

Spreading Awareness Using Branding: Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

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