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National Bank of Arizona and Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels have teamed up to raise awareness and funds through the Key to Strength program. The timing coincides with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September and each $50 donation will fund Comfycozy Care Gifts for a child fighting cancer. 100% of your donation benefits the nonprofit due to the generous support of the bank.

The Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels Key to Strength campaign was a perfect match for National Bank of Arizona as they recently funded a PPT program to keep the nonprofit providing their important services.

The Key to Strength program provides a thank you gift for every $50 donation made to Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels. A custom unisex key fob is the gift and features charms from Amanda Hope and the National Bank of Arizona to signify their bond and support. The campaign runs 30 days (8/15 to 9/15) and has a goal to raise $20,000.

Key Fobs sponsored by National Bank of Arizona. Feature 100% recycled pewter charms made in the USA by Charity Charms.

Assembled by Seeds4Autism, a local Arizona nonprofit.

“As a client of the bank, we wantd to go the extra mile for Amanda Hope as we see their need for services continue to grow, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Mary Holman

National Bank of Arizona

“We couldn’t be more grateful! NBAZ is a leader in our community and are known for their huge hearts and philanthropic outreach!”

Lorraine Tallman

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

Are you a company or team looking to make a difference?

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About Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

Dignity for All

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels’ mission is to bring dignity and comfort into the harsh world of childhood cancer and other life-threatning diseases. Their vision is to provide Comfycozy Care gifts to all children diagnosed with cancer and other blood related disorders. They support healthcare professionals in providing person-centered care to children and their family with empathy and understanding. They value collaboration, diversity, respect, and social action. They advocate for families to have their voice heard and a choice over the harsh protocols present within the healthcare system.

About National Bank of Arizona

Building Local Relationships

Specializing in forming one-on-one relationships and providing superb customer service, National Bank of Arizona offers a broad suite of products and services for individuals and businesses—from consumers to executive and private banking clients and from small businesses to corporate and commercial clients. For 30 years, National Bank of Arizona has been building relationships and making an impact on the community whether through business operations or volunteering.

Key to Strength

Key to Strength was built out of the need to help Arizona nonprofits through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Many of Arizona’s nonprofits have reported a strain in their organizations due to an increased need for services during the last few months. Key to Strength brings together the power of the community, the power of businesses, and the power of charms to have a positive impact on Arizona.


If you’re a business or charity looking to take part in our Key to Strength campaign, click the button below to learn more.



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