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Arizona Facial Plastics and Sojourner Center have teamed up to raise awareness and funds through the Key to Strength program. The timing coincides with Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October and each $50 donation helps provide one night of safe shelter and services for a woman in need. This includes a safe and comfortable room, three warm meals, case management, workforce development case management, daily classes, traumatic brain injury assessment, and 24-hour access to pet companion shelter if they’ve brought their pet companion with them.

100% of your donation benefits the nonprofit due to the generous support of Arizona Facial Plastics.

The Key to Strength program provides a thank you gift for every $50 donation made to Sojourner Center. A custom unisex key fob is the gift and features charms from Sojourner Center and Arizona Facial Plastics to signify their bond and support. The campaign runs 30 days (10/1 to 11/1) and has a goal to raise $20,000.

Key Fobs sponsored by Arizona Facial Plastics. Feature 100% recycled pewter charms made in the USA by Charity Charms.

Assembled by Seeds4Autism, a local Arizona nonprofit.

“We see families enter our gates each day, quite often with only a small bag, purse or the clothes on their backs. To be able to participate in KEY to STRENGTH gives us a powerful boost in bringing awareness to our mission and to the challenges our families face each day. The funds raised will be used directly to impact the families we serve.”

Cindy Quenneville

Executive Director, Sojourner Center

“Domestic violence is far too prevalent in our society, and it leaves emotional and physical scars from which it can be difficult to heal. I chose to partner with Sojourner Center because, in my business, we have seen first hand how difficult it can be for a woman to move into her new life with confidence when she still has physical scars on her face from the abuse. By helping to erase those scars, we can help a woman regain her sense of self and move confidently into a new and safe chapter of her life.”

Felicia Taghizadeh

CEO, Arizona Facial Plastics

Key to Strength Heroes

$500 Challenge:

If a team of 10 donates $500 (your company, your family, your school) it provides 10 nights of safety.

You receive 10 Thank You FOBS which make great teacher gifts, employee recognition gifts, and just meaningful gifts for those that need a bit of extra STRENGTH right now.

We will acknowledge your donation as a KEY to STRENGTH HERO with your logo and link to your website.


Felicia Taghizadeh of Arizona Facial Plastics


Cindy Quenneville of Sojourner Center

About Sojourner Center

Transforming Lives

Since 1977 Sojourner Center has been helping women and children overcome the impact of domestic violence. They offer a wide range of services to victims while working with professionals in the field on education, research, and advocacy with a goal to end domestic violence. Each year thy help nearly 10,000 individuals within the community and provide shelter services to 1,000 of those individuals a year. They are committed to expanding their safety net of services for women, children, men, and pets in an effort to help the community through education and prevention in addition to shelter. 

About Arizona Facial Plastics

Elevating Beauty

Arizona Facial Plastics provides personalized care and excellence to their patients. They perform a variety of in-office procedures using state of the art techniques and registered nurses at every treatment. They help people seeking aid with ear, nose, or throat problems in addition to skin rejuvenation and plastic or reconstructive surgery. They strive to provide the highest level of cosmetic service possible to help patients look and feel better about their aesthetic concerns. 

Key to Strength

Key to Strength was built out of the need to help Arizona nonprofits through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Many of Arizona’s nonprofits have reported a strain in their organizations due to an increased need for services during the last few months. Key to Strength brings together the power of the community, the power of businesses, and the power of charms to have a positive impact on Arizona.


If you’re a business or charity looking to take part in our Key to Strength campaign, click the button below to learn more.



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