The Meaningful Story Behind the Bridges Re-Entry Logo Charm Bracelet

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When women reenter society after being incarcerated, there are many barrier and obstacles they are faced with. Whether it’s employment, housing, or simply adapting to a changing world, they can often struggle to acclimate and feel alone. Bridges Reentry is on a mission to empower women with the skills needed to integrate into society. The lifechanging skills that will help them live honest, sober, and self-sufficient lives. When launching a new program and hosting a special event to find mentors, Bridges Reentry wanted a special token that would bond women together.

The Bridges Reentry Logo Charm Bracelet

Bridges Reentry’s logo comes from the stained glass window at St. Peter’s Church. It is front and center above the cross at the church and has a symbolic history. The community didn’t want one person to have ownership over the stained glass so the window was designed to have many different pieces coming together with a cross at the very center. The cross isn’t really there but you can see it within the window – if you imagine it is there. The community rallied aroud the window, and Bridges Reentry knew it should be the icon in their logo. The community was able to rally around and come together over the window, and they should be able to do the same for these women.

bridges reentry rendering

For these logo charm bracelets we knew that logo would make a beautiful charm. Not only because of it’s meaningful symbolism, but because the bracelets will be used to bridge women together. They will be given to mentors and their female mentees as a token of their support for each other. When the women wear these bracelets they will remember the othes they are helping to lead better lives and of those who are outreaching their hands to help. The bracelets are created with gorgeous colorful beads taken directly from their logo. Front and center is their symbolic stained glass logo charm. Each¬† bracelet comes with a custom card reminding the recipients of the incredible cause they are a part of.

About Bridges Reentry

Bridges Reentry has a vision to empower women with skills to integrate into society and live honest, sober, and self-sufficient lives. Their mission is to create a survivor led program of housing, healing, recovery, and sustainable economic empowerment for women who have experienced incarceration. Through their various programs and community partnerships they are assisting women every day.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Attend their upcoming orientations on April 20th and April 23rd. Sign up now on their website.

Symbol + Mission = Impact, Be Inspired

Get to know Bridges Reentry’s Gay Romack! Listen in as Kay and Gay chat about Bridges Reentry, their new mentorship program, the symbolism of their logo, and the origins of their organization.



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